can some one legally evict you from there house for no reason except they do not have any thing in writting such as a rental agreeement just verbal with you and the city police are aware u live there and have for the last few years jst because he doesnt like your friends that do not enter the home for the last few years

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    Yes they can. Go get your own apt. Maybe your fiends will help you since they are part of the reason you are being asked to leave. You are in the private home of another trying to live like you own the place. Yes, I can see it in your attitude here that you believe you can just do what you want. You're finding out now that you can not.

    La dee da...Doo be Doo...How is it that the police know where you live????

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    Some questions contain clues....let's see here....

    1)  evict       2)  no reason        3) city police (that's a biggy)

    Questions for  school attendance?  job?  goals?  responsibility?

    Just grow up, stop the drama and leave! (I assume YOU speak of YOU.)


    Do I know you?
    ( Ducky )

    New spring name...I feel pretty...oh so pretty...I feel pretty and witty and w... (now I've gone too far)

    thanks for your comment! i assume your education was not in the legal field

    Well laura, we already know the level of your education........
    As for your "problem", it does not take a lawyer to tell you, you have nothing protecting you, no rental agreement, no lease. You have to leave their home.

    If you have no rental agreement and you have nothing in your name like electric bill, water, gas, etc then yes because really you are nothing more than a guest, even if your helping them with rent.

    Of course they can. You don't have a contract or rental agreement. According to your specific state's laws, they'll have to go through the process of eviction, if they were giving you receipts for your rent money. But, yes they can.

    If you were just staying in someone's home and helping with the rent, they could probably call the cops and ask you to leave...without any process.

    If it is their home, and you do not have a signed contract of some sort, yes they can evict you, but they must go through the eviction process.

    Even though you do not have a written rental agreement, the law presumes you have one, a very weak one.  This would require a legal notice for you to vacate the premises, typically 28 days and more.  You are essentially a month-to-month tenant just like any holdover tenant (this occurs after your lease expires).  After the 28-days' notice is up, you could go to court and possibly get another 7-28 days to move, depending on the judge's decision.

    if this person is trying to evict you ask yourself do you really wont to be there?


    thanks thats not a answer thats a comment

    laura, comments can be help full also.Dont try to be smart,this could be reason, why your asked to leave. Good luck any way.

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