What do you think of this? Gay student Maverick Couch is suing the Ohio school district for prohibiting him to wear his T-shirt.

    The T-shirt has this on it:  "Jesus is not a homophobe".  I am just curious as to your reaction.  Please be polite with your answers.


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    Chiangmai; I have read your blog post. It is very touching. Congratulations... Miracles.
    xo Fishie

    Thanks for your comments. I too believe it was a miracle that has totally changed my life.

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    doesn't bother me if he wears it. At least he is acknowledging Jesus. And Jesus taught us to accept and not judge

    Perhaps the school has a ruling on what can be worn in school.

    This shirt makes a true statement. Any angry response is based in fear.

    Wonder what the school district used as an excuse to ban the shirt.  I'm more than weary of nearly everyone having to be color, faith, sexual orientation, age, etc. etc. No one is just a person anymore.  There is always at least one label.

    This is supposed to be a free country. We are not free anymore to express how we feel Very sad.

    I don't see this t-shirt as offensive at all. 

    ed shank

    Fishy, Most people are tolerant of one's sexual preference. However there are enough nuts out there that may cause him harm. I question this kids intelligence and motives. What happens when his classmate wears a tee shirt that says "God hates fags". Should that person also be allowed to wear his tee shirt?

    He is probably responding to actions against him already. More than likely sticking up for himself.

    A Lot of schools have dress codes these days . Many shirts with slogans are banned.

    I am so very sick and nauseated by all of the law suits....soon we'll need a seperate insurance policy just in case we get sued!!!!!

    I think it is inappropriate in a school setting, as would a tee shirt that read "I'm white and I'm right". Or "black power forever". Narrow minded people will take offense. I hope the school has a policy which disallows all the advertising noted herein. The parents should know this display could put their child in harms way. They will be the first crying their eyes out when junior is beaten to death for his attire. I question whether Jesus isn't a homophobe. "Man shall not lye with man". 

    I don't have an answer, I only have my own questions on this subject.

    If in 1980 a court prohibited school sponsored religious expression while another court found unconstitutional a Kentucky law requiring all public schools to post a copy of the Ten Commandments, a 16 year old students should have the right to express/publicly display his religious feelings/beliefs while in school?

    PS Can anyone share the complete content/art work of the message on this student T shirt?

    So far as Jesus' recorded words are concerned, He said nothing about homosexuality neither for nor against. The main passge in the Bible prohibiting homosexual acts is in the Book of Levticus (Old Testament) so many years pre-Jesus.

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