Why do people change...............................

    As soon as they drive into a shopping mall carpark.They become rude.impatient, beligerant individuals. Have you had any nasty experiences?I've had hundreds.

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    I didn't hear of the tornadoes until you mentioned them, a lot of damage to the area but none came close to me.....

    The survival of the ruddest mentality becoming more and more prevalent

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    I think in general the world has just become a nastier place to live, everyone is in a rush to go nowhere.People for the most part are just plain selfish(not all),Where living in an age where it all about ME,ME,ME, countryside city it dont matter.I see it in church as well were all sunday christians come monday we'll be the first one to cut in line or hit the horn or cheat the waitress out of a fair tip...While we can't be responsible for other people behavior we can be responsible for our own..


    Sadly Daren you're right.The other sad thing is it's our own fault.We brought these people up as children.We didn't teach them respect apparenly.Have a happy Easter break mate.

    Thanks Tomm..

    You don't have to wait 'til Monday morning for cutting in line or hitting the horn. They do it in the church parking lot. A few sneak out before the end sometimes!

    Not only do they sneak out they forget the bullitin ..And i thought i originated that trait..

    I,I,I,Me,Me,Me,Mine,Mine,Mine- it is the new code of ethics apparently.   I was fourth in line at a deli department..the person 7th in line had convinced #6 and #5 to let him go first.  When he got to me he simply asked if I would be as "respectful" as the other two.  I calmly looked at him and said "Unless you can persuade me that you have a life or death situation to get too, I will not".  He glared at me and said "Do you know how important I am??"  I looked at him and said "as important as everyone else- and, quite frankly, to make me go behind you because you believe you are more important than I am is very disrespectful to me."  When I got to the counter the deli manager was waiting (UT-OH) she shook my hand, thanked me, and said that the man got to the front of the line every time & I was the first person to turn him down. LOL. A 50 year old bully...getting away with it!!!!  Oh, it get's worse...I have the nerve to stop at intersections where people are still crossing the street...I will pump gas for other people when it is raining (what the heck, I am already wet)...and I will tell kids in a movie theatre to turn off their cell phones- because txting distacts others from watching a movie.  I hold doors open for the elderly and people more handicapped than myself.  I get yelled at and called nasty names for doing all of the above.  By adults who were raised in friendlier times in polite environments- Go Figure???!!!


    Yep.You got it, It's all about MEEEE!

    PS Doob. Thanks for re-up-voting me.LOL

    Doc!As a musician I've a habit of wearing all black.Even when I doubled as a chef for several years {as I had in-town gigs and no dependents aside of my then menagerie of Colonel Sanders(rooster) and his 6 gorgeous Red Rock hens;Mr.Fat City Cat;Thomas Cattus;Chocolate E. Clair(all cats);Merv(retired chuckwagon 1/4 Horse);Conquistador(Aracana rooster) and his fleet of Hens;Miss Blue and Sergeant Bonehead(Staff' Terriers) and Steely Dan Dog as well as my two sweetlings Romeo and Juliet(pair of Budgies)}...I wore blacks instead of whites.Now this may not seem phenomenal in itself,however,some studies show a corelation between black colored clothing and human attitude in that we associate this color with those in the field of service such as dining staff or clergy,thus almost expecting help from those in this color!Johnny Cash also comes to mind in his command of stage and band leadership...a man who wore black.I have been approached everywhere by people ongoing in my life and I halfway think it has to do with this!I've even sold people stuff in stores and as I'm helping them to the till I'm explaining how I don't even work there but am glad to oblige.Nobody has ever been anything other than thankful,amused and perhaps a little embarrassed!Try wearing black more Doc!P.S.How's the body you are inhabiting doing???I wish you Well!Peace.

    We shall have to vaccuum you then....get on the floor .....!Aha!

    Well then we are both of the Doolittle strain!I've a rare eye disease that is prominent among African populations and I am mostly Northern Euro!Plus we have an ancient dwarfism strain from someone 200 years ago in the clan!Oy Vay!

    I think because our time and demands thrust upon us have become valuable commodities, I have little time to shop, but agree the arrogance is uncalled for, most of us are time poor, we need a little understanding  and compassion, .....but I do get aggressive when I have my indicator on and some impatient ,ass**** takes my spot !!!!!!!  guess patience is something I need to work on


    It's not "just taking your spot". The rules of the road just seem to fly out the window like they don't count in the shopping centre.

    you are so right, I often drive a vehicle clearly labelled with a disability notice, I am not disabled, but try fighting for a park and getting people out that are,infuriates me, often meaning they are unable to access things we take for granted

    We also have a disability vehicle.I get pissed off about the number of 4 wheel drives parked in the disabled spots.I also get annoyed at people who park so close to the rear of our vehicle it's impossible to use the wheelchair loader.Even tho I have a notice on the tailgate asking for courtesy.

    Our area is not overpopulated, so it makes it easier to get in and out of Of Walmart. But it was much better when we had all these other little stores before Walmart took over. I enjoyed shopping. Now I absolutely hate it. There are so many people in walmart running into carts and not even appologizing. Rude and inconsidered.And yes, people parking in handicapped spaces that have no handicapped sign in theire window.


    In the UK we have ASDA, owned by Wal-mart.
    It's a Worldwide problem (ignorant people).

    Shopping at Walmart can stress the hell out of you.  The same can be said about having to wait for the "Blue Light Special" at KMart.



    I see the special, or that flashy light and head right in the opposite direction,not that I don't like a bargain, but the squishy

    I thought that happened only here----in the big cities in the U.S. 



    In the area I live in (Called greater Brisbane)There are over 2 million people & many very large shopping malls.It's getting worse.I long for the old days when Briz was a big country town.

    Bad manners is in towns also, not only in Walmart, but also for people getting on a bus,everyone is in rush, as if there was a sale in it.

    People change due to their experiences in life and the knowlegde and understanding they acquire along the way but the innate person is still there if you seek it out. Oh sorry did not read the question properly again!! I sure have had hundreds of these experiences - just one recently - everyone is encouraged to cycle - they do not obey the rules of the road - jump lights etc. and driving once not so long ago one crossed over straight in front of me nearly had a heart attack. With regard to supermarkets - don't go there I have had trolleys bang into me just so many times and no apology given etc.etc.


    Thanks Dopey.I hope that this posting at least makes a couple of peop;e aware of their behaviour in supermarket carparks.

    Tommyh - trolleys banging into me not only in the carparks but in store. People so generally preoccupied with themselves!!!

    the only thing that stays the same is change

    I worked retail for many years and have seen all sorts of goings on in parking lots.  The most extreme was one afternoon a woman came into the store followed very quickly by a raging man who was cussing, screaming and waving his fists in the air.  The woman walked around the store choosing items minding her own business... The store quickly emptied as no one wanted to get involved.  The guy in the back (Stock man plus other duties) vanished into thin air as was his custom during stressful moments... The woman reached the counter with this man at her heels.

    I said, "Can you please stop yelling?"

    He yelled at me and then began screaming at the woman.

    I said, "I don't care for this and you need to leave now."

    The man yelled at me and turned his attention once again to the woman... Rant, Rave, Rant, Rave, Rant, Rant and one more Rave.

    I walked to the front door, opened it and said, "You will leave this store right now or I will phone the police." 

    He paused.  He was more than likely thinking,"Humm.  The police will be here in seconds considering where this particular shopping center is located on this, here planet earth... Oh look they are selling fake $!0.00 bills in front of the bakery again.".  He then threw his hands up in the air and stomped out of the store calling us both a very nasty name.

    I told him never to shop in the store again and waved to the crazy lady in the pawn shop.

    It turned out the woman took his parking spot completely by accident and when he started screaming at her she decided to keep her car right in that spot. 


    Two days later one of our regular customers came in... "Hi!" "Hi!" and then... "You kicked my husband out of this store and told him not to shop here again.".

    Out of my mouth without being checked by the brain came... "Oh! That was your husband!  Oh... that is too bad."

    Well, we lost that customer.  Sad and True.


    The funny thing is.... The idiot must have found somewhere to park anyway.Thanks Fishy

    You're lucky you didn't get shot. You would have ----here in the U.S. Just today, someone in a nice suburb beat and tortured his girlfriend,killed two of her family members and then himself.

    Of course I have had run-ins with idiots who don't conform to my way of thinking.  MY way would be  moving along, stopping for pedestrians who have waited for an opening to cross the roadway instead of darting out, not understanding that an auto can damage THEM more than they can damage the auto.  That would be not speeding like a jackass through the lot, observant of the fact there may be unattended children running amok because parents don't keep an eye on their kids anymore and expect YOU to do so.  That would be taking ONE parking spot for your nice new or crappy old vehicle, not two, three, or even FOUR.
    Just today, I was waiting for the traffic to clear so I could pull onto the street. My car was across the SIDEWALK, but NOT IN THE STREET.  A "person" came riding by on her 3-wheeled bicycle, her fluorescent green vest gleaming in the sunshine.  She was riding ON THE SIDEWALK, and felt it her civic duty to smack the hood of my car for blocking her path ON THE SIDEWALK.   Bicycles are SUPPOSED to be ridden ON THE STREET, not on the SIDEWALK which is RESERVED for PEDESTRIANS or WHEEL-CHAIR BOUND persons or STROLLERS. 
    Many is the time I've wished for a citation book and a phony police badge. 


    Thanks Bob.OOOhhh! Bicycle riders? Now there's a whole 'nuther subject I'm gunna take apart soon.LOL.

    I will look forward to that. Remind me to tell you about the pedestrian who walked into my car one day when I was in college. :o

    I met this one while I was parked in the disabled spot---she could not see the tag on my gargantuan 4x4 so she began whacking the side of the truck and swearing at me...I was also @ 9 months pregnant!!!She was as sweet as she looks here!!!""


    She took the law into her own hands.Never bothered to make sure she had a good case.NOT the way to handle it.I have also been challenged for being parked in the disabled spot when I am obviously NOT disabled.But did it ever occur to them that I was the driver for a disabled person? NOOOOOOOO!

    First: You have Doolittle in your genes for sure!!!!!
    Second: I cant keep black clothes "clean" fur, dog fur, horse hair, leaves from the forest, pollen...what a mess! LOL

    The floor? But there are dust bunnies, cat hair, and cookie crumbs on the floor....Plus, it would take me an hour to get off of the floor and then I would be in too much pain to venture out. Have 2 appts. next week re: this "lemon" of a vehicle that holds my my doc said "You sure got bad genes" LOL

    Quite frankly, Most Doolittles have genetic faux pas...I think it goes with having such a stong shared "sympathic" gene for animals!

    no  but i have been that red in the face person in their car screeming "JACKLEGS!!! ALL YOU HAVE TOO DO IS FIND A PARKING SPACE AND MOOVVVEEEEE OOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" lol jk i dont do i that offin only after ive had an energy drink :D XD


    "JACKLEGS"??? That's an interesting insult.(LOL)
    Never heard it.What's it mean??

    suprisingly its in the dictionary :) it means jack·leg   /ˈdʒækˌlɛg/ Show Spelled [jak-leg] Show IPA Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S.
    1. unskilled or untrained for one's work; amateur: a jackleg electrician.
    2. unscrupulous or without the accepted standards of one's profession: a jackleg lawyer.
    3. makeshift; temporary.
    4. an unskilled or unscrupulous itinerant worker or practitioner. :D it is my favorite insult :D :)

    i live in the southen part of totaly makes scince :) but a lot of people havntheard it befor or know what it means...only the people with deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppaaaaaaahhhhhh southern roots usualy or westerners :D you should spred it around down undah yeah?

    Thanks.But believe me,we have enough insults of our own to go around.LOL.

    careo share afew? i could all ways use some new ideas :D

    I would but Colleen & Pythonlover would be all over me.LOL

    gracelost...We do our best on this forum, to try to AVOID using the insults we already know, so we don't try to seek out new suggestions! :(

    oh thats no fun >:( here is my email adress just when you email me leeve your screen name so i dont get all freaked out lol :) XD

    I must say that on occasion an idiot will make himself known, but whenever I have to run into town the people are very friendly. They hold doors for one another. They say hello to perfect strangers as do I. We have a bakery that has no salespeople. It is strictly on the honor system. Prices are posted, and that amount is placed in a drawer. I have been told that they actually make more than what they should because people will not bother to make change when it comes to pennies. Being a p***k in the sticks is dangerous, we do after all have a hunting season.


    WOW! where do you live ED? I'm moving over ASAP!
    ed shank

    tommy, come on down. NE PA. It does get a bit cold here about three months a year. Got plenty of Budweiser.

    People almost never really change.  If someone is rude under the circumstance of anonymity then you know right away that they are to be avoided.  Can't be trusted.  This is seen way too often in traffic circumstances.  They think they are shielded from harm by way of their vehicle and speed but certainly it comes out in all areas of their life, with not so good results. How someone handles traffic, especially including truly idiot drivers, is a very good way to judge  character.  Tolerant and forgiving, are either are or you are not.


    I agree 100%



    I totally understand, working with the general public,   you NEVER know what may happen!  You can lament the fact that this and that  never happenend.  Yet, here you are.......






      ere you are,   just wanting to get home.

    The survival of the ruddest mentality becoming more and more prevalent

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