What On Earth Is Going On???


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    mi gosh that guy is peeping! :O >:(

    No, he put the ladder against the wrong wall or window.

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    This is the official "Everything that is going on List for today...not tomorrow or yesterday.... but TODAY!"

    1- The earth as we know it is still spinning.   (Place sigh of relief here)

    2- Lindilou is looking for a new and improved, awsome and very cool pad.

    3- Ed Shank, not Ed Shank is not mean... We took a vote.

    4- The aliens have landed but the kids are all right.

    5- Fishlet (That's moi) has mastered Alfredo Sauce to the ninth degree.  This is important if you are the extremely proud parent of a two year old... It is all about the noodles Baby!

    6- There is something wrong with the "Top Contributors This Week List" and has been for quite some time.

    7- I love Pearl Jam.  I know, you are shocked... but it's a fact Jack.

    8- My two boogely eyed dogs could really use a bath.

    9- The price of gasoline is very high but you can still take a taxi in India for next to nothing.  Strange and True.

    10- A fish is a fish.



    The bonus, "What is going on"... Your avatar is seriously cute.

    And a fishlet is a fishlet.

    And a Ducky is a Beauty Queen.

    And thrilled with her make over. haha

    Alfredo sauce..yummm!

    ver very awsome i give my props :)

    Cute cartoon.  Question?

    A  sneaky window peeper is about to fall off a his ladder and break his nosy neck?

    Some of the answers I've been reading around the board are so creative, jhharlan, that I thought this was amusing and would afford people the opportunity to share their humour.

    Sorry it fell so flat, along with the fella on the ladder.

    Please feel free to delete the thread Colleen or Pythonlover.


    It is not flat... wait twelve hours.

    Hi Dardaigh...when you want to respond to someone's answer, just place it underneath their response by clicking "comment this answer" okay?

    People all over the world are going

    weeeeelllllll......we figued out the earth was round....and suposidly global warming :D

    Uh, cute but, I don't get the point........

    I helped an inchworm named Harry hide from the birds.  There are 15 humpbacks in the Caribbean about to give birth.  The NEW official language of Portuguese Man of Was is now SeaNettle.  And the bulldog that is really a pitbull is being nice to my cat.

    In other news...Mitt Romney won 3 more races today.  There is Global Warming making weather erratic all over the world.  Tornados in Texas and Snow in Scotland.  Sailing season has started.  And I keep forgetting to file my 1/2 of the taxes.

    around here-

    Headless man has a great video to watch,  Fish has been busy with top ten lists.  And wonderer and friendindeed have left this sit (hopfully to check in from time to time.  Ducky has a new picture as does val!

    and finally, I'm pooped..need to attempt to sleep.  Good night ed shank- we've got your back :)

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