I am upset! The people up the road have a dairy farm. There has been a cow in their front yard for almost 2 weeks She must not be able to stand , but they are giving her feed and water. What could the problem be?

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    Thanks for your answers. This poor cow has me upset and I say a prayer for her every day!

    I have learned that cows who stay indoors(barn) in the winter get slippery feet and are afraid to stand because they fall. Taking them outdoors in the grass seems to help. Another dairy farmer told me this. He believes it is psycological in some cows, however he believed the cow would recover. Thanks again everyone for your help!

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    The problem may be  the cow needs to be in isolation and they've nowhere else to put her. Have you called and expressed honest concern?  "I noticed one of your beautiful dairy cows has been separated from the herd.  Is she ill?"
    OR, you could contact the local SPCA and have them find out what is going on.  

    I have never owned a cow although I would like to as I adore them... Here are some sites that I have found...|ga|2|Pets+%2D+Large+Animals|Cattle&JPKW=cattle%20health%20problems&JPDC=S&JPST=&JPAD=11105425978&JPMT=b&JPNW=g&JPAF=txt&JPCD=20120207&JPRC=1&JPOP=Darren_Andrew9sec_Trans&gclid=CK7klY7gma8CFWUaQgodviP7ag

    I hope this helps.

    I don't know anything about cows, perhaps she is just old (?) but I think I would have to ask if there were anything I could do to help, that way you would at least know

    The poor dear!  If she truly is lame or doesn't rejoin the herd in a few day I would ask around to see if anyone knows what is going on.  Could she be pregnant?


    I don't know what to do! The people might kick me off their property for nosing into their business. I just don't know what to do! If anyone would have an idea as to the problem , maybe I would know if intervention is required!

    At this point (4 mo. after question), I doubt that the cow is still in the yard!  If so, is she still alive?  It is not uncommon for farmers to have an animal who is a downer, and they provide supportive therapy for them, away from the other animals who would harm them.  It does not mean that they are being cruel to the animal!  The animal may be pregnant, as one had suggested, as a matter of fact, Dairy cows must be pregnant or they are not able to produce a constant flow of milk, meaning they must have a calf each year, with a "dry period" just before calving.  This is when they are not milking, but they begin milking after the delivery of the next calf.  Sometimes they get an imbalance of Calcium called "milk fever" and this animal could have this, treated with an injection of Calcium into their bloodstream.  It acts quickly, and they stand right up, so this probably isn't the problem.  She could have bad feet, and it could hurt her to stand, or maybe she is an older cow, in her dry period, and is just lounging around away from the herd, finishing her gestation, awaiting her next calf delivery.  Or maybe just plain waiting for the meat truck to pick her up and take her to slaughter, that happens!  Where do you think hamburg comes from, not McDonalds'!!! 

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