Do you want to Grow old radically? Well, get going!

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    I am growing old radically, totally missed the point of your link.


    Have another look at this page. I have copied part of it for you. There is a very fashionable old guy and his fashionable wife.

    This is from the article in: 

    If you want to read more just go to the page.

    As women age, we slowly and inextricably become more and more like our mothers. But while many spend their lives trying to run from this destiny I’m concentrating my efforts in one area.

    People always comment that my mum is stylish. She’s slim, always blow-dried neat and wears well-chosen clothes and classy jewellery. Apart from big funky glasses and the occasional bright top, her look is understated and suave.

    But as she ages with grace and style, Mum increasing struggles to be seen. It takes a while for shop assistants to notice her, waiters to serve her and ushers to show her to her seat. The other day a ‘nice young man’ literally stepped on her. Quite understandably, this ruffles her well- groomed feathers. So, I’ve decided I will not be like my mum. I will not grow old gracefully. I will fight against becoming invisible by refusing to fade away. And if that means I have to grow old disgracefully, well so be it.

    I am going to be one of those odd old birds I’ve seen occasionally rocking it at the opera in bright kaftans or kimonos. I will clunk around in chunky shoes, chunkier jewellery and bright lipstick.  I may dye my hair pink or blue or, better still, cover it with a turban or tiara.

    When I was a young pretentious twerp at Triple J, I met Vivienne Westwood and scoffed at her fluorescent hair and young toy boy companion. I’m now reassessing my reaction and, while I can’t afford her clothes, I’m planning to steal some of her sass.







    Nice specs.

    Is she your spec, Romos?

    Not quite !!

    Well matched.

    I will  settle for growing old gracefully not like the photo of old bohemian owls.


    Frightening isn't it?

    well eggie, about growing to look inextricably like our mothers, I have a sister,

    she is 4'3, so is my mother

    I'm 5'4

    she is always broke(silly and irresponsible)

    Thankfully I'm not

    she won't work

    I never stop

    she is fat

    I'm also thankfully not

    and if anyone gets all those wrinkles, well I sincerely hope that's her too!!!

     p.s I do love my mum, just don't necessarily need to look like her

    I'd give my eye teeth to hear someone say, "You're just like you mother"...................

    LOL- no one has ever said I am like my mom!!!!!  As long as there's fun to be had I'll stay young- though I guess I look my age.  I don't need to be front and center.

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