Anybody for live octopus? A woman died after eating a live octopus...yuk!

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    live or raw?

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    I wonder what her  last thoughts were 


    She must have died clutching her throat. Terrible death, but then she didn't have to eat it!

    "Why did I let that Babingo buy me dinner?"

    Apparently they are very small and considered a delicacy, there is now an investigation as to whether her boyfriend\partner may have been involved in her death as he stood to gain a substantial insurance benefit,

    Perhaps she could have got some ink from it and made out her last will..


    They think her BF killed her because she had just taken out a large life insurance policy and BF was the beneficiary.

    Her boyfriend has been arrested and charged with murder. Death by octopus. The things people think of. In this case it was likely for the 200.000$ Llife-insurance she took out on her life just before she died. Her boyfriend was the beneficiery.


    Ann, trust Eggie to tell half a story -- i read the article.

    Something fishy went on?

    Serves her right. Only animals eat live animals. 

    Jack Large

    I guess we an assume you never saw the lions eating a Wildebeest, on the Discovery Channel?

    They are chomping away on their hind quarters while the Wildebeest is still bleating for help from the herd ;-)

    I can't even eat raw carrots let alone something that swims......

    It sounds as if she was murdered by what the article said.  The foolish woman took out an insurance policy and her boyfriend wanted the money honey... THE OCTOPUS IS INNOCENT!!!!!!!! ... a victim.

    Poor Octi.

    Le' Weep.


    Guess the woman did not know what her boy friend has in mind.I wont be murdered for my insurance, lol

    My life insurance barely covers the funeral!!

    Octopus do not like to be eaten.

    There are species of octopus that are quite toxic. Cooked they are tough and taste like their diet of small crabs and the like. Many species of fish hunt for them around rocky shorelines. The ones we have here in northern California get very big by October when they lay eggs and die off. I have caught Ling Cod with chunks of octopus tentacles they had eaten that were 4 inches across and sucker cups 2 ¾ inches across. Not something I would look for when diving around the rocks to drag out of their grotto.   

    Just the thought of it, is enough for me. People in Korea dont have feelings for Gods creatures, they also eat Cats and Dogs.


    Thought thoes animals and fish, were put on the earth to be eaten.

    Eh?Have i missed something?????



    apparently, according to the article eating parts ot these octopus while they are still moving is a special treat--
    Headless Man


    Can do with out this kind of special treats.

    While many octopus species are edible COOKED ONLY (very healthy food - pure protein) many are not.

    Yep! can't see how anyone could eat a live Octopus?


    You can't -- the beak can leave a nasty bite, besides the girl was murdered.

    Australians beware of Blue ring Octopus - as poisonous as pretty!""


    Val, i am lucky we have the blue ring along the coast where i live, myself i have never seen one, thou i haven't look for them either.-- they are incredibly small.

    They are beautiful!

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