Did you know that plants can talk to each other? They respond to sound and click to communicate to each other.

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    Iv'e heard plants respond to music especially classical.-- Marijuana reponds readily to Bob Marley. lol.

    I suppose it's possible...I mean, after all, I've got an Eggplant asking me a question! (Smile Eggie!)



    Heh, heh...

    I believe it. Years ago when a friend of mine openend up a new reastaurant, there was a big Popular tree branch hanging over the fence in his yard and created a lot of mess. He refused to cut it down, because he said that every living thing feels pain.


    A restaurant is an interesting profession to choose when you feel that strongly about not inflicting pain on anything living.

    It was a Vegan Restaurant.

    but plants feel pain- or was it just trees????

    The problem is that we are born to eat, rather plants than animals

    Of course they can....and let me tell you- it's a rotten lot to be planted on a farm or be in front of a logger or land developer!

    I talk to my plants inside and outside... I name them as well although most of their names are Carl and Little Buddy.

    I know the plants talk to each other.  That is why I choose my plants carefully... I have one obnoxious rose that has to be relocated because she just does not get along with any one of her Carls and is causing problems. 


    I am sure Alien friend Carl likes having so many namesakes!

    It thrills him. Carl sometimes has a bit of a go with his memory... he feels very special when he remembers the names of the plants.

    i had heard they  can

    I have known this for years! Plants near a radio or TV do much better than isolated plants! Tell your Plants hello in the morning!  Flowers especially like voices!   Picking a flower in the garden makes them scream! They want to be with their friends!  I hardly ever pick a flower any more! Just bend over and smell!

    My eggplants talk with me and to me so much that I am convinced my job in life is to give eggplants all the TLC I can. My life is about taking care of eggplants and if I didn’t love doing it here I would have to see if I can take care of other eggplants.  

    I'm sure mine do, they all seem to have a pact in death despite my futile attempts to nurture them

    Plants can't hear, they respond to vibration........

    Like wind sound waves.


    And hearing IS vibration. Right?
    Headless Man

    True, but everything responds to vibration one way or another....

    OK! I don't talk to plant or trees Eggplant! now maybe I will read the National Inquiry! to them just to keep them interested.


    Don't make them barf!

    Totally believe it. One poor little African violet is feeling really neglected.  

    There is much we don't know about the Universe. Plants are very sensitive.

    I have grown house plants for years   and yes they  do respond to  music and voice . its sort of  like learning your pets body language  you just know . I have a sister who because of a very  gruff voice cannot  keep her plants alive  long because  she talks  hatefuf around them

    Yes and this one is saying"FEED ME"!!!!""

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