how can i concentrate on my study

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    Well now, study at the same time everyday, have little breaks in between. You should make it a habit to do this, even if you don't have an exam. Don't eat sugary foods, they are not good for the brain and you will feel tired very quickly.

    I used to ask students that I taught, how they study, if they did.  Many would give clues to why they lacked success in school.   Cell phones, texting, television blaring, eating junk food while trying to study, a study session may have been way too short, 15 min. per subject, (no more than 1 hr. of study total for all subjects for many).  The kids did not give themselves a chance, there was no such thing of focusing on study with so many distractions.  Also, many kids did not have a parent who cared to make them tow the mark..

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