Julie Chen was rude yeserday (4/2/12) by giving a tidbit of info on a famous person and not sharing who it was until just before break when she covered her mouth to tell her cast and not the audience the details on who as the cameras were running it was so juvenele!!

    Julie Chen was rude yeserday (4/2/12) when she covered her mouth  to tell her cast  and not the audience the details on who she was gossiping about as the cameras were running. I couldn't care less about who it was or what it was about!

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    No, I need no lessons from someone who feels the need to complain about TV personalities not sharing the gossip about another human being. How about you learn some humility and humanity. Feeling the need to be nosy about another's private life is RUDE! Worry about your own life and what you do it it, not what other's do in theirs.

    By the way, where was "proper" in your comment? It's proper to whine about not being let in on a famous person's name? Please tell me that you are just too young to know any better. This still leaves you time to learn what proper really is.

    You do realise that you have insulted one of the moderators on this site... That is kind of goofy.
    You should judge yourself and not others... This world has enough judgement by the "perfecto". I for one am tired of hearing about it... She is a woman doing a job and every one is a critic.
    Dang! She may or may not have made a mistake today!
    Jeeze Louise and cupcakes already!

    I see you edited your original statement.

    "I couldn't care less about who it was or what it was about!"

    Apparently you do. You posted about it here BECAUSE it mattered so much. Stop watching gossip show. You are what you ingest. This truism goes beyond food.

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    And???????? Does it really matter what she had to say about some famous person? Is your life not exciting enough? If not, then make it so. Do not live your excitement through the lives of others for Pete's sake. 


    I have a very full life, thank you for your concerne about my well-being. I was taught the diference between being proper and rude maybe you need a lasson too!


    Who in the world is Julie Chen????


    Talk show (part of a group of women I think)
    Watched it once....yawn.

    Julie Chen is a talk show host on "The Talk" Also when Big Brother is on, she is the host.

    Thank You Ducky and clu!!

    I think that you should just stop watching her show na na nah!!!


    Yes! That's it!!! Watch t.v. land! Then you can complain about shows that aired a couple of decades ago!!!! LOL

    LOL!! Well, what else is there to do???

    Get a hobby? That's what I answered to another question today- LOL

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