There are so very many sensitive beautiful movies, why is life not like this?

    No trite answers please.

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    We would never grow, never learn, never appreciate the really good moments in life if, day after day, were a beautiful experience.  When you come through the hard times, it feels pretty good.  (Sometimes life more closely resembles some of the current reality shows on television, doesn't it?)


    Yeah we do have to know sorrow to appreciate joy. Yeah maybe resemble reality shows but not really something I take seriously. It is the here and now for me.LOL.

    All hail the "Chick Flick".

    Good point Dopey... I think we are lacking background music... and someone to clean the house.  ... And a 'skip' to the good parts ... and fashionable clothes .... and perfect hair all the time...

    Oh woe is Moi!

    If you were to take out the mundane, life would be a "Chick Flick"... seriously. 


    Such a good answer Fishlet but as I said the music which I find lacking is humanity and I am sorry that it sounds like "woe is Moi" I could take this to a general level and I find that is where it is at - I guess the age difference not the mundane - mundane I can deal with but may I add could do without all the cleaning, clothes and hair all the time - the latter too I have passed to a certain extent fortunately.I thank you so.


    Dopey... humanity has a different definition as society changes. It is still out there it just isn't quite so quaint or romantic... It is more like, "That took five minutes already! Give the man the blanket! Donate the stuff! Charity is in the heart... Let's move on!".... "We have to get the kids to hockey practice! I have a report to write... You have a cooking class! Your Mom will be coming on Friday."
    People pile their plates up high with obligations.
    It is exhausting.

    Oh fishy...isn't that the truth...go here...go there...hurry...hurry...I see so many young families that just never seem to simply...."be quiet and relax together". :(

    Yeah true Fishlet - have you seen the guy in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" Sweeping the ward floor and repeatedly saying "I'm tired, I'm tired". This is a brilliant film narrated by Chief Brondon.

    I have had days just like that Dopey!!!:D

    Life is a choice, some are flung upon us, and everything is not so beautiful, we have the power to change that and perhaps help others along the way, sometimes we just don't realize it, every life should be cherished and nurtured, unfortunately it just doesn't happen with a script, but then again that's what makes our lives different, challenging and rewarding


    Yes so very correct - and helping others is a joy - although there are many in this world who do not have the power to change their circumstances and how aware I am that there is no script for this indeed so are you - this is why you find life so rewarding and challenging. From someone who has has the most rewarding challenging life for which I am eternally grateful only now do I see the changes in this world and not only through my eyes. lambshank - I was waiting for an answer resembling "life is what you make it" not so simple my friend for many. I am beginning to think that I made the wrong analogy here more enphasis perhaps on the "sensitive".I am not saying life should be a "cabarat" which I know you realize.

    you are of course right, but we often have the power to bring change for those that are unable,though we can't help or improve life for everyone ,we can do what we can for those we are able, and perhaps hope those that fall through the cracks may be helped by someone else in a position to do so,I do know life is very difficult for some, and work hard to change what little I can to improve the quality for others who are less fortunate, it brings me joy, often and just as often frustration and disappointment,if only life were a movie

    lambshank- I do understand you so well in this regard.

    Great question Dopey, perhaps in reality we are all stars , some big some small some yet to shine.I like to think I was the star of "oaklahoma" but in reality I'm really just a legend in my own mind until we get a director who can see the finished production I guess were all just G rated..


    Gee :)

    Thanks Daren - yeah we are all stars - your rating is mostly definitely above 'G' more like dare I say 'X'. So glad you can see where I am coming from.

    Ahh Hollywood!  If only...................................


    Tommy I know - I've done all that it is just llfe seems chaotic at every turn.

    Maybe this is all scripted and we are all adlib-ing as we've forgotten the script over the task of living.Doesn't it feel like that?Some things feel destined don't they?Like when we say"Oh,well that was bound to happen" or even,"I knew that would go like that..."Or when we realize that domino-of-occurences that leads to a particular outcome has played out like a freaking movie!!!Just a thought.Peace.


    lindiou - I can see this too - and as you say maybe it is all scripted sadly.

    It depends upon how you look at life. You make it what it is. Try looking through rose coloured glasses for a change, instead of dark coloured ones.


    eggplant always looked at life through rose coloured glasses not so keen on what they reflect these days.

    Because People no longer use the "nice" script in daily life (generalization-everyone sit back down)

    People think the entire road, supermarket, bank belongs to them...they need to be FIRST because whatever they have to do is WAY more important than what we have to do.  and saying please and thank you apparently has become a "time waster"....not to mention the foul language you get occasionally.  

    Sound familiar??? and I haven't hit politics, poverty, and pea-shooters yet.


    On an island life goes a bit differently tho' driving during touristo season can be taxing...nothing is open until 9a.m. and when someone says they'll be there in half an hour...well,it might be 2's costly to leave this island...besides,once you're here,well,there you are...evenings are amazingly quiet in and out of town...and for the most part people can be cordial...anyone in a rush is headed to the beach...we're on an island!Where's to go but???

    doolittle so right and how we could go on about this world - although so beautiful shame about some of the people and attitide - thank you for your answer so insightful.

    lindilou sounds like my kind of place somewhat. You would not believe the chaos in London, UK.

    doo...(echo)...glad to know that someone else sees that too...I find that people are very caught up in "me, me, me"...I'm in a hurry..I have things to do...I'm first here...get out of my way...etc...rudeness matters not!!! I like to shock people sometimes and say, "Go ahead". You would think that I said, here's a million $ for you! :)

    yeah doolittle - it is me, me and more of me. You are so right and get it like so many here and people I know. My cousin said to me only today that her grandson 23years old said "Do you know nobody cares anymore". The bank lady I spoke with last night when talking of our enormous solicitors fees in conversation that she was at the petrol station shop and a lady standing by said I won't be long - she left the shop, crossed the road to help a lady cross the road - she found this to be amazing.

    Real life is never like a beautiful movie. It has its ups and downs.I think people were more caring and helpful 30 yrs. ago. People cared more about theire next door neighbor, or someone that needed a hand.With all the bad news today people become desensitized by the plight of others.


    But...don't throw away your computer, okay? Hahaha

    desensitized..or afraid to help!

    How right you are Ann as always.

    Life is life of of billions of people about which you or I know rarely anything at all. Some of these lives were/are equally or more sensitive that what we see in any movie.


    True enough!

    valR Very insightful and so true.

    Ok - I understand but there are things in movies that people can identify with and the music if used correctly identify with the experience shown living in the music, I in no way mean to glamorize it in as life should be sweet no not in this way only in movies that are so sensitive that people can identify with.



    In the real world which was mine at the time we got so much work done with far more caring and humanity - I am not living in an unrealistic bubble - I have seen the transition over the years - yes so boring all generations say this - but for the first time I and others recognise this. Do not worry about the caps - this is just technology - but mobile phones although have their use do not enable people to talk face to face so very important in communication. I must say though I enjoy speaking with so many people on this site.

    Dopey,you are so right,I too have seen the transition, and not all a good or indeed a smooth one,caring and humanity only happens here now if the person is serialized, names,issues and problems don't seem to count, just numbers on a page,sad

    Thanks lambshank - you got it.

    hey its only my oppion,i would love to just go prancing in a medow somwhere but there has to be a line be tween reality and taking idealistic thinking to the point where we dont have any fairytales to bring us up when we feel down :) i just wanna sit on my couch and eat my chocolate and icecream and watch a chik flic after a ruff day as much as the next person but after that is over its time to get back to work and what comes with that the real world :) sorry

    Because those movies were written to take us away  from our everyday cares adn worries. That was not supposed to be a trite answer.


    Yeah mycatsmom - this is so true, but there is some definite sensitive reality in some movies and people can relate to this as they have been there. I am not looking at the schmulz if that's how you spell it.

    My wife said.. "why don't we ever make love like they do in the movies??"

    I said 'OK!'

    So I slapped her behind, threw her on the floor pulled her hair slapped her around s'more..

    She was very upset, 

    I guess we don't watch the same movies.. :(





    u r so rong for that! >:( :Plol

    I am definitely going to stay of this marital conflict! The husband must have watched a lot of "Criminal Minds" episodes.

    Oh Vinny - you are just too much. Must say I used to get very annoyed when guys slapped my bum - do not know why just do not like it. I had you down as a romantic.

    Dopey, Its a joke! I don't really do that, actually I am a 'romantic'.. Very gentle.. :)

    Life is not a movie and we don't follow a script.

    Life is like that occasionally. Also, a movie is a moment in time not a constant diet of fluff.


    Life is not a constant diet of fluff. I like that. Should be on a bumper sticker!

    What a wonderful question, dopey.

    One evening some 20 years ago I was watching the movie Superman with my sister.  The boy at the newspaper agency asked Lois Lane "Ms. Lane, Ms. Lane, why do you get such great stories?"  Lois Lane turned towards the boy, the editor in chief looked at the boy, and they both simultaneously said to him "GREAT REPORTERS DON'T GET GREAT STORIES.  GREAT REPORTERS MAKE STORIES GREAT!"

    Dopey, we all owe it to ourselves to make our lives great.  Let's do it!



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