"Can you find my pencil?"

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    Did you find it?

    21 Answers

    It's in Pencilvania.


    Oh ed....GOOD ONE!! LOL!! :)

    Thumbs up for that quip, ed shank!

    LOL!! clever.

    Pencilvania, ouhyee!! ROFL

    clever! And did something suck the lead out?

    Ed, You get the award ! LOL

    Oh no! Here comes a vomit-chuckle!


    The kid in front of you stole it when you were not looking.

    I know that some of it is in the pencil sharpener you used last.


    Think some of TeacherGirl, brains are in pencil sharpener also,with question like that.

    I found it yesterday and I sharpened it, until it was all gone.  Sorry.

    Here is the OFFICIAL "I have lost my pencil... where the heck is it?" Check List... (You are so darned lucky I caught this one... breathe a sigh of RELIEF!!!!!!)

    1- Feet and shoe check.... No?  Next...

    2- Dog that likes to eat crayons, pencils and baby wipes check... NO?  Next...

    3- Where is your phone?  It could be beside the phone that you didn't know you had lost. (Aren't you glad that I am here?!!! YES!).

    4- Recycle.... always check the recycle.

    5- Under the bed, couch, or back seat of the mini van.... SUV.

    6- Jeremy, Jason, Jarrod, Justin, Jake or Jackson took it while you were smiling at Chelsey, Jenna, Haley, Ashley, Selena, Jennifer, Edith or Agnus.  (If your are female, switch this around).

    7- Check under the desk... again.

    8- Your teacher has given up and is now attempting to contact you through the method of "MIND MELD". No pencils needed and check the 'Recycle'.

    9-Your pencil has a family and went home... It's vacation season in Pencil-donia!  Whoot!

    OR 10... You actually know someone who collects pencils.  They liked this special pencil.  They had to have it... and your pencil is now keeping company with 1009 wonderful pencils from around the globe.  Celebrate!!! Your pencil will never be lonely again.... add one more ....Whoot!


    Very funny answers.

    re # 10- geeze I already admitted it- LOL. Well done Fishy!!

    Yer gooood!!!

    Fishy, the pencil detective! Very clever.

    Pencil?  What pencil?  THIS pencil?  No, this is my pencil.  It was on the floor near your feet. I picked it up. MY pencil. 


    Hilarious...takes me right back to grade

    better bite it for proof- "see my teeth marks" LOL

    Oh, I am so sorry!  When you asked my in to talk about Charlie I borrowed it to take notes.  I 'accidentally' took it home.  It's with the three thousand pens that I have 'accidentally' taken.  It is a really nice pencil- do you really need it back???   :)

    Your pencil is under your chair, you dropped it.

    Get the lead out I'm not a ruler find it yourself..

    I don't know you well enough, afraid you'll have to find it yourself

    Hey, is it this one? Have you seen my pencilcase?


    Someone ran over it in the parking lot.

    No hers was red. Better keep that one since your pencilcase was run over.

    Nothing left but sawdust!

    See what I mean stupid stupid stupid.


    Looking for silly and creative answers???? You're right there haven't been many controversial or thought provoking Q's lately. Post a few. Members will reply.

    Snow birds. It is vacation time. Back in June.

    PL. Overlook it. This is the kindergarten.

    I dunno about your pencil plume de ma tante est sur le bureau de mon oncle!


    Should've told you when I saw your answer that it is almost exactly what I was going to respond when I read the question. (La plume de ma tante est sur la table) :D

    So, is on the dresser or the table???

    Oui, oui cherie! lol

    The dog ate it for dessert after he finished your homework.

    ""Your pencil is on vacation!!!!Weeeeeee!

    Look on the floor, or in other kids' desks, or in their hands, or pockets, or pencil boxes. I wish my only problem was a lost pencil

    ""Oh, oh...I think I ate it. I thought it was a thin banana...


    Yep, it's getting late isn't it?

    Yes, can you find my eye?!

    Finders keepers

    losers weepers... poor you


    Until this happens to you and you need that pencil like NOW!

    I took me a while but I found your pencil. Read on please...

    A first grade teacher was trying to stimulate creative thinking in her pupils. She stood in front of the class with her hands behind her back and said, "I'm holding something behind my back. It's round and it fits in the palm of my hand. Who can guess what it is?"

    Billy's hand went up and he asked, "Is it a baseball?"

    "No, Billy," replied the teacher, "It's not a baseball. But you're thinking, and I like that."

    Suzy's hand went up and she asked, "Is it an orange?"

    "No, Suzy," replied the teacher, "It's not an orange. But you're thinking, and I like that."

    Then Johnny spoke up: "Hey, teach, I don't know what you got in your hand, but I got something for you in my pocket. It's long and hard and pink on one end."

    Shocked, the teacher cried, "Johnny, that's disgusting! You march yourself to the principals office right this instant!"

    "Hey, relax," said Johnny. "I was talking about TeacherGirl pencil... But you're thinking, and I like that."


    LOL! I love little Johnny jokes!! :D

    well the joker did mae one disaper in this one guys head in the dark knight :D

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