I love girls but only 1 girl loves me howcome

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    How old are you, and what kind of things do you talk about when you are around girls?


    i'm 9 i sort ask them what to talk about and then get them engaged

    She is probably desperate. 

    Do you wear deodorant?


    Oh, okay 'cause if you don't it would drive them away.
    Are you too pushy with girls? At least one likes you. You'd have to be happy with that.

    it  depends on what you have to offer that the girls can actually.  it might be good looks. it might be charming personality.  it might be great talent like a guitar player, artist, drummer, singer.  It might be that you are smart and can solve complex math problems in an entertaining way.  Maybe somebody left you a fortune and they might suspect they can live like a princess/queen if they get involved with you.   many things attract all or many of the girls.  see what you have to offer. also you can alway improve what you got.  go to college, trade school, get 2 jobs.  save all your money.  girls sense a male with cash.  have fun and good luck jj heat.

    I give.

    Maybe your to old for them ?

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