whats a better pet a cat or a dog

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    It depends on how much time you have and how much time you are prepared to devote to a pet, I love all animals and would love to have a dog, but I work and would not be able to care for one properly, so I have a cat that is much more independent, and content to spend time alone,he still loves to cuddle up on the end of my bed, it's nice


    I 2nd that emotion

    I have a small dog now but this will be the last of the pets I will have. I might inherit one or two if my Mom or Dad dies in that I told them not worry that I would take care of their pets for them.


    Good for you Ed - this is such a worry with animals when we pass on also when they do.

    A dog needs more attention than a cat. A dog needs to be walked and bathed and get the proper food. A cat is more independet. They need a litter box and food.  But both need lots of love and attention.

    A cat. Let me rephrase, a good cat. One that doesn't tear up the furniture, eat people food, doesn't piss all over the house, and can open the door to let itself out. Unfortunately my cat never closed the door after going out.


    my puss has his own door,much easier he can come and go as he pleases
    ed shank

    Can't do that here. To many weird creatures where I live small enough to get in.

    Neither, they cost too much to keep. Health care cost are high. They(dogs) poo  and lift their legs all over the streets. Cats eat the native birds and leave their sex smell cards through your backyard and other's backyards. Keep a goldfish, it's cheaper. They don't make a noise, they don't eat much and they don't poo and wee over your lounge-room carpet.


    eggplant - did you know without cats there would be no flowers - seriously.

    I thought that bees did the job. Cats mostly came from Egypt.

    Oh dear! You need an intervention! I will come to your home with Simone the intuitive wonder (cat) You will love her and she will behave!

    Dogs rule......


    Dogs are true friends, cats just hang around for the food.......

    ed shank

    So true.

    My cats give me a lot of love
    Headless Man

    I'm sure they do cats love attention, but would they drag you out of a burning

    Cats can be very loyal too. My cat used to run to the door to greet me when I'd come home.

    He was very affectionate and when I'd say to him "wanna get brushed?",  he'd flop down in front of me and roll on his back, so I'd brush his belly first.

    ed shank

    My cat would sit on the various machining equipment for hours and just watch the parts go round and round.

    I love all animals, but am only able to keep two cats. One loves to be out doors most of  the time, the other one, loves to be indoors most of the  time, especially when Im at home. When I go out, she will follow me to a certain point, and wait for me to return. In the  home, she likes to be close  by, and will lie beside me, when I sit down, ( no mice in house) unlike eggplants idea, a cat poos and wees all over lounge-room carpet, Just have a litter box, cats are easy to train, and she loves to sleep in bed with me. My furry baby. lol

    I have had both and loved both!  Of, course I am a Doolittle.

    This brings up the age-old answer to this question, "dogs rule, cats drool..."  People seem to be whatever they were brought up as "dog lovers" or "cat people".  I am a DOG LOVER, I support this by the relationships I have had with good dogs, but as stated, we never really had cats as pets. 

    Depends on whether you want to BE the pet, or be the pet owner..    :)

    My cat says dogs are better,my cat says the opposites true.Joking apart,(someones going to be able to phrase this better than me!),whats that saying about a dog will lie with and protect his dead owner but a cat will eat him?

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