does Aiden truly love me

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    Don't be so sure he loves you, do not give sex so freely and see if Aiden hangs around then.

    Nothing like asking a question and then answering it yourself.  You forgot one thing:  Click your answer as Best Answer.  Do your parents know you're  sexually active at 15?


    Oh No!:-0...Please be careful honey!...hormones are a dangerous thing!..If you consider at 15 that you are mature enough to have sex,then you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to look after practice safe sex,cope with the heartache and all the problems and psychological damage it can do you!...I`M NOT PATRONIZING You...but sounds like you need to find an adult who you trust and confide in ...somewhere along the line I fear you are going to need help...I AGREE with`s not too late to back off and see if he hangs around..SOUNDS like you need to reclaim some self respect and some self loving!..You need advice and education re SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES AS WELL!

    Good really are going to need it!
    all the best..

    YOU should have asked Aiden that before the sex, and then said NO to the sex, you probably would have found out for sure then.

    ruthie-  Sometimes sex and love are two different things.  Right now, you need good safe sex.  this means a condom and something else to prevent pregnancy...they sell over the counter products for ladies.  I do not know your parents (or how they will react) but I highly suggest a visit to a gynecologist or planned parenthood.  If you choose not to tell your parents is there another adult you trust (an aunt, a friend's mom, a neighbor)???  I really think an adult should know- you are young...kid's at school guess at things...but an adult can be helpful to talk too & they will be able to help get you birth control & condoms.  They could be helpful in discussing this with your parents.


    Why on earth would you give her TU's knowing how immature she is? She would only use the TD against others. I've removed her karma.

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    Why would you be telling complete strangers this?
    My bet is there is no Aiden and you haven't a clue what you are talking about.
    Sex does not equal love.

    no but i dont know how to  tell them


    When commenting use the comment this answer.

    You are still a minor...I`d like to think my kids could tell me ANYTHING!:-¬...NO i`m sure they won`t be thrilled!...But at the end of the day they are there to love and protect you and are responsible too for your actions and well being!

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