What is it that people dont get when you don't text, they dont want people sending billions, obviously they have better things to do?

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    People do get offended when you don't txt back right away..or you answer their first txt and then they txt u 6 more times and you either are to busy to answer or just don't feel like it.  I think people forget that txting is like a phone call- you may not take the call but will try to get back to them when you can.

    I don't always look at my I may not respond for a few days- it has taken a long time but now people 'get it'.


    Yes and it gets stranger by the minute it seems...everything changes all the time even out here,just got notified after 11+ years the landowner wants to remove and replace the house,which is very old,so...we gotta go!!I'm in the process of house hunting now!!Arrrgh!Just keep swimming....just keep swimming!!!

    I'll go live with the Sasquatches if I have to Doc!Just got back from a jaunt of seeking and it looks promising out there and have an advert seeking an awesome landlord!Haha!Lost my house on shnob hill in divorce..ouch!Yet no amount of wealth would have coaxed me to stay in that !@#$%&?!situation!Wish me luck!!!

    It seems like the new addiction!Some folks even text each other when they're in the same room!Others can't seem to even talk face to face with people anymore.And still others just think it's the thing to do to waste time so they try to waste your time too!I's crazy!Then there are those who have their first cellphone and they go nuts for awhile until the novelty wears be patient with your texters and just gently let them know you're too busy to text back.Above all be polite about it...perhaps these hi-tech novelties are becoming more of an annoyance than a convenience for you in which case you may just want to turn the thing off when you don't want to be bothered thus avoiding feeling offended!Peace.


    I was talking about this last night...If I live long enough it will be interesting to see how people communicate in 30 years....and if they have any social skills when they are talking to someone face to face (eye contact, smiling, laughing or not laughing when appropriate, using a nice toe of voice, being able to change their pitch and tone to match their feelings as appropriate)...Strange New World comes to mind.

    Lindilou... sorry to hear about the land owner wanting a new, improved pad. It seems to be the rage in your part of the world.... and then they stay there for three weeks of the year.
    Good luck finding a new home. Hopefully the next one will be your castle.

    I hope you can stay in the area that you love!!!!

    I am totally not texting as blogging is all I can do without having to show-up somewhere. But when the social interactive gig goes to interactive video of where you are and what you are doing via a web cam in your head gear…I may have to have that as a Facebook walk-about…that could be a lot of fun to be linked up globally like that….AKAQA as a video conferencing group on the go….you like?  

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