Is it just my imagination that relations between

    Blacks and Whites in the U.S. seem to be the best they've ever been?. Sure, there will always be morons filled with hate who commit racially motivated crimes and harassment and discriminate. It's great that people from all races and backgrounds have been galvanized by the killing of Trayvon in Florida, something that would have never happened not that long ago. If you think they're better, why do you think that is?

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    I really think it depends on the location in the US.

    I wonder what criteria is used to establish that it was in fact a hate crime? The shooting victim could just as well been white! I don't say that in siding with either side, as no one but the victim and the perpetrator will ever know the truth of the matter. The rest of us, can only surmise what might have actually occured.

    The question that comes to mind with me, is what was Zimmerman doing using a gun against someone who was unharmed? To my knowledge, the kid didn't brandish a weapon against him.

    A good tazer and mace would have been a more appropriate level of response, if in fact Zimmerman was being accosted. But, who chooses to accost someone while they have a bag of skittles in their hand? Another big question is, what exactly really happened leading up to this confrontation?

    People don't carry guns under their jackets, without it unquestionably being in the back of their mind that they are going to use it, if they feel the need to use it. He consciously chose a lethal level of response, before a situation ever existed.


    ed shank

    Hope the prosecutor is thinking like you. I think this is going to turn out to be a "Wanna be", trigger happy rent a cop.

    The media is really pushing the issue. Whenever the investigation is complete, we will know for sure. There are too many conflicting statements.I do feel sorry for the parents of Trayvon Martin, especially if it turns out theire son was killed for no good reason. To label this a hate crime I think is dangerous before the State Attorneys finish theire investigation.

    Perhaps it just the media , with all kinds of caos going on right now perhaps racism has taken a back seat to what it used to be , i prefer to believe your right and perhaps you are, One other possibility is we now have a black president which would indeed deter racism as it should be..


    daren1 here's a debate. I have observed that racism has come out more since there is a black president. Many media discussion shows have expressed that a lot of hate for Obama is based on race hate. & folks are letting it all hang out. Even a lot of whites and republicans are shocked and dismayed at what is occuring in the political arena and feel race is a big factor, and they express they are embarrassed to see their party and people say what they are saying.

    The problem is, if you critizise Obama for his policies, you are labeled a racist, when in fact it has nothing to do with the color of his skin.I never looked at the color of ones skin before, but now I am more aware of it than ever.

    We all bleed RED, white and blue.

    IF relations are better on the whole, there could be several reasons.  Some of these may sound stupid. 
    1.  Many black actors and entertainers have earned respect in their industries for their talent and hard work.  
    2.  There is no doubt that there are many black athletes far superior to their nearest competition.
    3.  Integration in schools, offices, restaurants, stores, etc. etc. have put people in daily contact with "other races".  
    Those reasons are why "white" people are getting along better with black people. 
    4.  In some areas, the white and black population are near equal in minority. Banding together gives them a little louder voice and forces mutual respect and acceptance.

    5.  Today people are so self-centered, they often don't think about anybody else at all.  You could be green with purple stripes and orange polka dots.  People would notice  your shoes, clothes, home, and car..are they better than mine.  

    6.  In confinement, however you will find very distinct segregation among the inmate population and blatant race discrimination and favoritism exercised by prison guards and officials.  


    Gr8 Answer!
    ed shank

    When mental and physical requirements have to be adjusted for a specific group of people, the playing field is no longer equal and that breeds resentment. Affirmative action is a joke. Your right about the prison system, seen it first hand.

    That is called the dumbing down of America. It's been very successful.

    WHAT. There is more hostility amongst the races today than I can remember in the past. Wait till the federal prosecutor decides to NOT press charges against Zimmerman. The blacks will again burn down their town. Al Sharpton will burn in hell for his contribution to racism in America. Sooner than later I hope. 


    You dont mince your words and I like that about you. I wish it had not been labeled a hate crime. Al Sharpton has always been in forefront of inciting the race issue.It makes the gap between black and white even wider.
    ed shank

    Ann, For a supposed minister he has always played the races against one another. Does anyone know of one positive thing this man has ever done? Hopefully they will name a school or street after him SOON. That's what's done in NYC when a person of notoriety dies regardless of whether they were dirtbags or good people. Your media comment was right on the money.

    I love you ed and your blunt viewpoints and opinions. I agree there is lost of hostility but its been said in the media that people are mad because of a black president. That's a former slave ruling the royal people. That's like a gorilla becoming president. Most of us would have a hard time adjusting to that gorilla no matter how many educational degrees he or she had. I hope the blacks don't burn down their own town, but you are right, they will. Also Al Sharpton does not promote racism he exposes it. Which is needed on TV since everything is geared to the benefit of the rich 1%. LOL
    ed shank

    tabber, when Obama was elected I thought for sure the racial tensions that existed would subside. He has managed to do just the opposite. His health care plan which nobody knows anything about other than it will be paid for by those who work, and those who don't will be given a free ride. Imagine, if you you want to keep your present doctor you will pay 2K per person each year in the household to do so. Which agency will be responsible to oversee that "Tax"? The IRS. Guess what? You can't pay, they take your property. Your home, car, and the unopened cans of soup in your cupboard. Insane.

    I am unable to comment on this issue as I am not familiar with it, but racism is alive and thriving here, the government has ensured it will continue and the law is very different here depending on your heritage, it seems being "white" is a distinct disadvantage. We have no right to speak our mind, yet continue to be financially penalized and discriminated against in the workplace, sought after jobs for example are only available to often unqualified indigenous people, I'll stop here, as I could go on, and on, and then some

    Clonge that is absolutely a true statement.  Relationships between blacks and whites are definitely better in the US of A than they have ever been.   There is much evidence for this.  One black and whites date and marry.  There are many children with black and white parents.  More people have friends that are black or white, depending.  More people have the other race come to their homes and are best friends with the other race.   In my family alone several people are married to have a  boy friend/girl friend that is of another race.  Our forefathers would be shocked to see the two races get along so well.  And a lot of people living today are shocked and mad about these going ons.

    ed shank

    Interracial relationships is a double edge sword. Cultural identities are eventually lost. The offspring of these unions are discriminated against by pure races, which ever. For eons hundreds of species of ants have occupied the same territory but have not mixed with one another. Why have they stayed true to their own? Same applies to animals as well. Without throwing religion out there, could it be that we were intended to stay with our own?

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