do peple hate me

    what is this province?


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    Why do you ask ??

    Their might be a few like the rest of us here on earth no matter how hard you try you can't seem to please everyone, but i'm willing to bet their is much more people that love you than hate you,now stop with the pity party and get out their and make some good quality friends , friends that care about you in order to be loved you must be loveable..

    Probably someone, somewhere, doesn't like you very much but, nobody is loved by everyone.  Just go on with your life, be involved, have fun, and the right people will come along....the rest do not matter.

    I don't know you and hate is a very strong word.

    This Province, that I live in is British Columbia.

    I don't hate you !!. Dont even know you.

    No it's me not you and that goes for a lot of other people too

    Why don't you ask this on a site where nobody knows you?

    Do you deserve it...............?

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