how to get courage when one speaks

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    If your referring to public speaking, it is tough for some the first time. I felt very uncomfortable the first time I had to deliver a speech to a large group. It was a prepared speech written by someone else. I over came my fear of public speaking when the topic was something that I was passionate about. I addressed the town council members about an issue they refused to acknowledge. Let me tell you, when I enter the building now they haul ass. Nobody wants to take me on, one on one in a public forum.


    When you know your topic inside and out, and believe it, it's difficult to even feel nervous.
    ed shank

    You obviously have been there Ducka.

    On a small scale, here and there, from time to's satisfying to be asked to do so.

    I wouldn't take you on in written form, either. You are sincere in what you say and confident in your words. OK with me.

    If ever I waffle on a subject, I think I admit it. I've even been known to change my mind...shocking to some. haha

    Perhaps a taste of Grand dads cough medicine would do it, it does for me..


    Cough medicine?

    80 proof type medicine..

    First, get used to the material you will speak about.                                                                                 Second, practice speaking in front of family or close friends (ask them for comments on your posture, hand movements, and eye movements)...a few tricks- look at people's foreheads in the first few will seem like you are making eye contact with the people behind them.  Stand straight but not stiff and don't puff your chest out.  If you need to pint to get your point across do not point at anyone in the 'audience"..point at the podium where your notes are, at a chart, photo, video, etc. you are using.                                                                                                                           Third (and most important) pretend you are an actor or actress and you don't know anyone in the audience & will never see them again!  This works in many situations!  

    Good Luck!


    ...yes...cracking up with laughter in front of the audience always makes them think they missed something...which they are...hee hee hee!!!

    Research your topic of conversation,refer to notes if needbe!....Take some deep breaths before you speak..hold your head up high and shoulders back and act confident...Am sure once you get into the stride of it...You should feel more relaxed and ??EVEN enjoy it!!:-)...IT`S AN ACHIEVEMENT..WELL DONE!!

    When one speaks to whom?  Where?  About what?  Circumstances?


    Hi Ducka! Yes, I've been fortunate enough to do a little bit of acting; would LOVE to do more. What I really love is reading aloud to people. It is a blessing that many people ASK me to read aloud at groups. They say I don't just read words, I make the story and characters really come to life. Huge compliment.

    When you are still backstage or in the greenroom just go over to a nice sturdy wall,place your hands against the wall and push with all your might without budging from your spot.Do this for about a minute or two and then release,and get your butt on stage!Remember that you are the only one who knows what you're doing and if all else fails just imagine that you are the only clothed person in the place...this ought to help alot!!Peace.


    I tried the naked thing distracted me-LOL


    If you have the chance, actually study what an effective speaker does in presenting a subject before an audience, be well versed in the subject, connect with the audience by asking a question or two regarding what they expect or want, use cue cards that are brief reminders if you need, pick a couple of people in different places around the room as focal points and make eye contact, don't fill empty moments between main points, and try to say what you need to within 10 minutes. You can also engage a crowd at the end with more questions.

    If you can insert a non-offensive joke, a little humour never hurts if done tastefully. Sometimes a relevant metaphor, simile, or analogy is a useful tool in public speaking. In the event you'd like a little feedback on how your presentation sounds, get a couple of people who will be honest with you, provided of course that they are somewhat level headed individuals. Besides, a little practice never hurts, if you need to get a feel for it.



    You have played before!!Best answer man!!!

    I h eard someone say "Act as If" so I do Act as if I have spoken to hundreds. Around new people I act  as if I'm not shy and so on. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Remember the old joke...How to you get to Carnagy Hall? practice,practice,practice!

    I find this difficult also, be very familiar with your subject, be passionate about what you are saying,if appropriate use aids, in the form of overheads etc, inject a little humor and admit to being a little nervous, people are very forgiving if they know you are a little uncomfortable.


    I would never admit to "being nervous". If you act cool and know your subject, they'll think you've done this a million times. I say..."Never let 'em see you sweat"! :)

    I use up their sympathy!!!

    Poor little lambie.... :( lol

    Practice what you are going to say beforehand. Be prepared. Pretend that those sitting in front of your are sitting in their underwear. Use your eyes, look around the room and don't focua on any one person. Do not use umms and ahhs between your talk.

    You can do public speaking courses. Do one before you speak in public.

    Courage comes from within. Dig deep my friend! Best of luck.

    Like you have already heard (but the more you hear it, the more likely you'll believe it)
    1.  KNOW your subject. Outline notes for reference.
    2. PRACTICE many times, with or without audience. Time yourself.
    3. DON'T make DIRECT eye contact. Scanning the room as you speak, nodding your head, makes it appear you are focused on individuals.
    4. If you have a chance to video and record yourself, do it. That way you will know how you sound and can highlight places where you want more inflection or emphasis. You can see what your posture looks like and whether or not you are using gestures, expressions, and so on to animate yourself.  Should I smile? Where? 
    Really, knowing your stuff is going to be the best help. Deep breaths, no foods that will upset your digestive processes.  Have a glass or bottle of water nearby to clear your throat or moisten it as you speak. 
    Try to enjoy yourself.  It is actually kind of fun to act or publicly speak.  



    Bob...have you acted?

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