how much did 9,11 contribute to our ever growing loss of freedoms.....

    it seems rights, freedoms, and our ability to question our everyday happenings are not so well recieved now as they were designed to be, we seem to be moving more towards a police state.... is this a conservative thing born on the back of 9,11 this something to be entrenched in stone.... or a passing thing....need your take.... need your feed.....after all we only have each other.....

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    I assume you are referring to the "Patriot Act.  that Act does have a "Sunshine" provision, which mean it must be re-approved after a set period of time.

    It has been reauthorized twice, by the majority of Congress, since 9/11 with several minor revisions.

    If you are worried about loss of our freedoms, you should be more worried about all of the Presidential Special Orders and recess appointments by Obama.

    There have been over 330,000 pages of new regulations issued over the past three years. Bureaucratic changes not authorized by Congress.

    Efforts to overturn them must come from the Senate and Harry Reid (D) Nevada will not bring them to the floor of the Senate for a vote.

    Reid is doing the same thing to all of the efforts to cut Federal deficit spending and Jobs Bills, sent over from the House, where all spending bills originate.  

    Over forty House Bills are languishing in the Senate, while the President blames the Republicans for holding up spending and Jobs bills.

    The Democrat Seenate has yet to pass the 2011 budget that was to be in place by October 2010


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