My computer went down... I got a new laptop.. How do I convince hubby to put Skype on my New computer????

    He does not want to put skype on the new computer.. And I miss it. Aside from I want it.... can you help think of any good arguments for putting skype on the laptop. 

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    Any luck yet with Hubby???

    Download it yourself. Why ask?

    It is his computer... I am not going to do anything to it... And mine comes back from the shop today... Yay!

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    Seriously? You have to ask hubby like he is daddy?  I'd leave if I ever had to have permission for something I wanted or wanted to do. 


    I got a new car he got a laptop... I dont want to download stuff on his laptop he does not want. 2 days after I got my car the home computer went down... 4 days after I got the car the oil pump went out on my trail blazer that was mine that he is now driving... AWESOME!

    Well I guess it makes a difference since it's his computer. I thought it was a new family computer.

    Still a great response!!!

    Install it yourself with no argument at all?  Buy your own computer?


    I second that emotion.

    Emotion passed! All in favor?

    Tell him you need to see what daren1 looks like , I'm sure that would do it..



    You might try the old --- “I will hold my breath until you do trick”.

    ""It has been time tested and it works.


    Um.. no.. that is very unattractive... lol

    That's what little kids do

    Well she got what she wanted and she is not a little kid :)

    I agree with @Ducka, do it yourself. Don't y'all share the computer?


    I got a new car he got a laptop.. I dont want to down load things on his laptop he does not want to have on it.

    My husband just hides the toolbar when he is using the computer... he also turns the sound off.  He isn't bothered by it at all.

    Here are the benifits for me... see if any apply to you.

    1- When I am talking to other ceramic artists and we want to share ideas or show each other what we are up to we can very easily with Skype.  Some of these friends live quite far away.  Skype is better than just emailing as you can show the work from all sides.

    I can speak with my three Uncles who live in other parts of the world for free.  It is almost as good as having them over for a cup of coffee.

    One of my Uncles likes to be there when I open the kiln.  I put my laptop on the work table and we open the kiln together.  It is fun.

    My Mother lives 12 hours away by car... We talk on Skype... again, like having her over for coffee and a cake without having to break any eggs.

    I sometimes have conference calls with friends (no video involved)... I can work and have a chit-chat at exactly the same time... so much easier than the phone and again, free.

    ... maybe you could switch out kiln and Uncle to make these arguments work for you.

    Good Luck.


    Oh are sooooooooo creative! :) and your husband sound like a great match!!
    <3 <3

    Ducka... :) My husband and I are a great team... He's a great guy. I am one fortunate cookie.

    I think he is too! :)

    :) Thanks.

    "Fortune Cookie" .... Isn't that what you get at the Chinese restaurant??? :o)

    Zackly.... what Fishlet said!!!

    Tell him the headless man will get him...........

    Do you have a friend that can install Skype for you ?


    You can just go to Google and type in Skype and follow a few simple steps. There is nothing to it.

    i hate to do that.. I got a new car.. he got a laptop. I dont want to download stuff on it he does not use.

    Jenn- He could use it to talk to his friends and relatives that live far away too.


    LOL.. I think that is just it.. He doesn't talk to anyone.. he has no use for anyone who does not live under this roof... He just doesnt get that I need ppl from the outside world to talk to.. Not that he says I cant but that he just doesnt get it.

    Well, then download Sype and tell him you will limit the time You use it while he's around. I know his type.

    What a shame to miss out on something that is free, skype is better than the telephone.

    Refuse to feed him till he gives in. That would definitely work here. There might be one other thing I would hold off on.........

    Jenn its your computer- do what you want with it. no need to seek permission. You are living in 21st century.


    Read 3rd comment down under the question. Thanks for the effort though!

    I think it is good of you to respect that it is his laptop. Besides, if something quirky ever happened with it, he wouldn't be blaming it on you. What I'd do though is, get that other computer into the shop and see if it's worth fixing! It might not cost much at all...but, you'll never know until you have it checked out.

    If you are still wanting to get skype on your hubby's laptop...I guess you've got to start by finding out why he doesn't want it. Then go from there in persuading him.


    its not his computer according to the question.

    Say, " Honey, If we have Skype here, and you have it on your computer at work, then you can see preveiws of coming attractions of what we're going to do after the kids go to bed."  And tell him that you're going to put yourself naked on Skpe to send to him, or wearing an itty-bitty bikini.   :-)

    Bob/PKB reads the entire question and then posts this dumb response: 
    I don't see where he said he doesn't want this on the computer, and I did read all the comments. Why don't you simply ask him to install it.  Shootah has your best answer. 

    Edited response:  Shootah has your best answer. 


    Quote Jenn: "He does not want to put skype on the new computer."

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