What do you think about the Tryvan Martin case in Florida?

    It is an all the news channels all day long and the black community considers it a hate crime.

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    All of the facts are not yet known.  As usual, another case is being tried in the court of public opinion, guesses, prejudices and of course, the large television networks who just love bringing forward all the "formers".....attorneys, prosecutors, police chiefs, legal analysts, along with many angry racists (of ALL colors!)  Why are people so anxious to pretend that they know all about this case, what happened, how it happened and who should go to jail?


    I have the same problem with these Newschannels that report stories, that have not been confirmed by law enforcement.It is a total frenzy, calling for Zimmermans head.

    Amazing isn't it? It's one thing to have an opinion when something so awful happens but to keep going on about it, without the facts, should not be allowed. Even his parents have asked people to please stop! I feel sorry for all involved. The guilty person in this situation, also has loved ones who are sorrowful, and they get forgotten!
    Headless Man

    Watch Fox News I think you will see there fair.......

    Im English.Im also with ROMOS on this!!!!


    Romos is pretty upset. I hope he is OK

    We haven't been given all the facts yet. I think it all was a shame though..........


    I totally agree

    I  believe there is crap in the background!  That kid looked to be no match for a much larger man who was armed!


    Everything reported has not been verified.I dont know what to think . They are still investigating;

    I think it was a shame, but no hate crime, only two men that should never have met.


    It is already labeled as a hate crime and the new black panters have a 10.000 dollar bounty out on George Zimmermann
    Headless Man

    I know and they should be rounded up and tried for hate chimes.

    They are so proud of this sicko, they are all F*****G sickos in my eyes!



    I think everyone is jumping to conclusion, before they have all the facts. What all this does, it widens the gap between black and white even further.I am sorry you are so upset. Take it easy!

    I predict that he will be arrested. From what I've seen today on the news, Zimmerman had no visible injuries when he exited the police car. Did police cover this up? Although the black community always portrayed young blacks that are killed under similar unsubstantiated circumstances as choir boys, even if they have a mile long criminal record which this young man did not have. They lose site that everyone feels for this family, black and white. Let the investigation go forward and the truth will come out. Federal prosecutors will see to that, as will Eric Holder and lets not forget our President who is counting heavily on the black vote. This is racial, the black community has made it such. They don't believe the laws apply to all if not in their favor.


    I am sure he will be arrested,Its not only racial, but it has become political as well.I dont know all the facts and I am sure the newly hired federal procecuters are working hard to get to the truth.I dont believe anything I hear on the news.

    Oy Veh Mer!!!  How they will ever figure out what happened with all of the media attention is beyond me.  It seems to me that Tryvan was in the wrong place at the wrong time- and Zimmerman was too quick to shoot....But that's just an analysis of all I've read and heard.....


    The media has Zimmerman already convicted. Hopefully the federal prosecuters will get to the truth soon. This is sheer madness.

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