why do girls wear thongs

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    This question reminds me of the time I was standing in a check out line behind this young mother wearing a pair of hip huggers and a thong, and she bent over to pick up a bunch of stuff her little boy knocked off a nearby shelf...her shirt rode up and her pants rode down, and I found myself practically being mooned. It totally took me by surprise, as I just never expected to be a witness to a sight like that standing in a check out line. I guess she didn't quite realize how revealing her wardrobe was at times! I'm just glad it wasn't a guy in a thong and low-riding pants!!!

    I tried Once couldn't get it over my head, it got cought on my ears.

    Why do you need to know? Men wear thongs too. Why don't you answer this one, why do men wear thongs? 


    I tried a pair on years ago (male ones) they were so uncomfortable, i don't know how girls wear them, of course they are built different.

    they'd be doing their own washing!!!!!

    Because they can..jealous.

    If you can wear them, why can't they?

    Wouldn't work here. Material shortage.

    No visible panty lines.  Panty lines ruin the look.


    My husband is tall. I didn't have to lean forward.

    I wear thongs, though they may not be the type you are referring to, mine are comfy, orthopedic ones, great for the beach and most Aussies wear them..... on their feet

    Don't know what you guys are talking about. Anyone knows thongs are to wear on your feet, no wonder you found them uncomfortable ! get that fumbled tight-rope-walkin' feeling man...what's your excuse..oops...I mean reason?Huh?

    when I was a kid thongs were rubber foot sandals. New thongs stick in the wrong places. Ooo.

    I tried them once and decided that I'd rather floss my teeth and not my butt! Enough said.

    they are realy uncofortable i hae no idea honestly :/

    I dont personally, But mosy of my girlfriends wear them , beacause they say its like whereing nothng at all  BUIT  the studys and   well my girlfriends say you get yeast infestions easily!!  not worth it to me!!

    my girlfriend wears them cause i think there sexy and so does she:)

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