Looking for location phrases like "New York Minute"

    Any other suggestions? Needs to have a physical location, like New Orleans jazz, or Brazil nut. 

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    "Island time"... if you have ever lived on one, you know this to be true.

    You can book the electrician for Monday and he may show up on Friday, if you are lucky and the weather is bad.

    Chicago-windy city; Phildelphia-Liberty bell; San Francisco-cable cars;

    Chicago-pizza; Philadelphia-philly steak sandwich; Seattle-space needle; Houston-NASA;

    Los Angeles-Hollywood; Washington D.C.-politics; Dallas-Neiman Marcus; San Antonio-Alamo;

    Austin-U.T.; Colorado-rockies; Staten Island-ferry; Kansas-tornadoes; Alabama-belles;


    Some of these are good and could go world wide...

    Nene, I like the Colorado Rockies and Staten Island ferry suggestions! I'm in Colorado and forgot about the Rockies! Thanks

    PS: are you in Hawaii? I note that the nene is Hawaii's endangered state bird...

    No mermaid, i'm not in Hawaii. But it's interesting about nene being state bird. I am in Mesquite, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. My nephew(when he was little)could not say Nita(my name is Anita). So, he called me Nene.

    Inside the Beltway...In DC this generally refers to the gov't.


    sorry for the double dip- didn't mean too! am very tired!

    Paris the city of light


    Here's what I came up with, but could use more of the same:

    Boston tea party
    Brazil nut
    Chattenooga choo-choo
    Chicago El
    Dutch treat
    French fries
    Georgia peach
    Hollywood Bowl
    Indiana Jones
    London fog
    Maine lobster
    Miami Vice
    New Orleans jazz
    New York minute
    Yellow rose of Texas

    Great List!!!

    Thanks for your suggestions, folks! I need phrases with locations that would be recognizable to anyone, anywhere in the world. 


    Hawaiian Lai

    Panama hat, Cuban cigar, Turkish Delight, Persian rug or cat.Hugarian Rhapsody or goulash.Greek Tragedy,Bombay Duck.


    When answering a question, keep your answers all together.I have removed 5 of your answers and placed them all together.

    Very hard to do if you dont think of all the answers at the same time.Does a Questioner get notified if an answer is amended? (Serious question.)

    You can just go back and edit your answer... add a new idea then hit the tool bar. Presto Chango.
    They don't get notified everytime you edit. You just have to hope they read your answer.

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