What Would Be a Fun Way To Serve Gummy Worms?

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    "" there's nothing like a real live worm!


    She accepts no substitutes!
    Is that Fishlet?

    See what happens when you triple dog dare someone.

    I've seen them served with cupcakes.  Make whatever flavor cake you like, though chocolate seems to be most appropriate.  Frost with chocolate icing, sticking the gummy worm about halfway into the cupcake off-center.  Then make a flower with colored marshmallows, or gumdrops, or whatever and put a flower on the frosting.  It looks like a little garden.  You use a kitchen scissors to cut the mallow or gumdrop into petals....use some little round candy for the center.  Cute and pretty easy. Kids can help, too.


    Excellent child participation, sounds like a very fun time!

    Drunken Gummies (Vodka-Infused Gummi worms)

    This Instructable takes a bit more than a week to complete, but the end result is certainly worth it!
    You will need:

    - 1 1/2 cups of vodka (can use more or less if desired) - 1 tub of gummi worms candies, plastic with lid (about 1kg. Tub found at Wal-mart) - 1 can of frozen juice concentrate, any flavour desired (I used fruit punch.)
    You can keep the juice frozen for now, as you will not need it for a few days.

    - First step is to open the lid of your gummi  worms and pour in the vodka. The amount and brand is at your discretion, though I have found 1.5 cups of Smirnoff vodka to be the best. I have tried this with raspberry vodka as well, with pleasurable results. Basically, pour the vodka into the packed worms until the alcohol barely peeks over the top.

    - Give your newly introduced gummi-worms and vodka a stir, and replace the lid. Place the whole tub into the fridge.

    - Let this sit for five days, stirring a couple of times each day.


    This is a very simple idea that I may have used in the past :0 Can't touch it now!

    Dirt Cups: You will need: 1 package of Oreo cookies, 1 package instant chcolate pudding, or one large container of already prepared pudding; 1 small tub of cool whip; a bag of gummy worms. In your food processor or blender crush the cookies into course crumbs. Fold the cool whip into the pudding. In a clean flower pot, or individual plastic cup spoon a layer of crumbs, then the pudding mixture. Top with another layer of crumbs. Add the gummy worms poking some into the dirt and sprinkling a little dirt over the others to make them look like they've been wiggling around in there. Chill to set then serve.

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