Did you know that you can sell your soul to the devil? If you do, you can have everything you have ever wanted. You can bargain too.

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    Eggie what are you doing, first it's Sci-fi now it's Satanism!. lol.

    Geez, relax, she's not a devil worshiper people. She's just having fun seeing the reactions. As I'm told often enough about my passions, lighten up! ;)

    That is some pretty funny stuff Eggie!

    I just checked the poll on that page. Too funny. More people would sell their Soul for money than people who would never sell their Soul. I picked, "I would never sell my Soul" by the way as Souls can not be sold, not even to a fictional character. ;)

    Ahha- My spouse took the poll!

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    They say if you play with fire you will get burned.


    ed shank

    Love it.


    I would not sell my soul to the master of a sinking ship

    As attractive as the offer is, when all is said and done in MY life, I would prefer eternity in Heaven.   The devil is the last place I would look for assurance of that.


    Ms Bob, i think Eggie is having a lend of us, well i hope she is.

    Thank you !

    Ms.Bob i had a look at Eggie's link, i voted for money, it doesn't matter thou cause i dont believe in the supernatural, but i do enjoy the films and book on the subject.

    I think it was Shakespeare who could argue this one.....


    With Shakespeare you could argue it either way- which actually might be fun!

    I'd rather go on e bay!


    G'day, bulletman....when you have a moment, check out the link eggy provided in the question.

    I'm happy with life the way it is...might not be perfect, but I can live with it. Besides, if I had all I could think of wanting, there wouldn't be much room for pleasant surprises every now and then. I'd already have it, and would probably be bored with it after awhile.

    OY VAY!!!


    ahh, at last!

    He's made me that offer several times in my life. He's gotten the message. He won't ask again.

    no way!


    I don`t want to see,feel,smell,hear or talk to the devil.

    get thee behind me satan. God is the captain of this ship!

    No, thanks.....


    what? No takers?

    that reminds me of a song.....

    do do dooo, the devil wen't down to ..........................

    absolutey love the music.


    Me, too. LOVE that..

    It reminds me of the Stone's song too!!!

    I follw the path that God has shown me. There is no room for satan in my world.

    No way cant trust him he is the master of all lies..

    Is this really eggie???  The devil is the Master and Commander of Lies, delusions, and Hate...He may tell you you'll live longer with great toys and money etc....but He will always forget to tell you that there will be no Love or Peace in your life...just an increasing amount of torment!!!!!


    She's just messing with the people. She does not believe in the devil ;)

    Ay she doth mess with our minds...check the link to her quest to see the "bunk" of it!!

    "Hey don't  "Knock Satan.Only bloke who offered me "Full time employment to train as a Stoker.Had to buy my own shovel out of my "Job seekers allowance £10-hour it works 24/7 Indefinite.No union so NO tea Breaks ,as a matter of fact no "Bloody Breaks .When do I get my wages I cried  ."You dont its for your keep ."Roof over your head "Warm bed to look at not to lie on "OH the good bit is "Men only The Bigger place is for the Woman."More of them than "Men Pity they dont work as hard.I know "Bloody well know all about that .This work is a "Stroll in the Park.Compare to the House work I had to "DO !!  



    The way some people are  at present, with , drugs, murder, rape etc, it seems, the devil has a lot of followers, that have already sold their souls.Happy Im not one of them.

    I can't sell my soul to "A Something" I don't believe in.  This is my soul and it's not for sale.


    and your soul is wonderful and precious!!!!!

    Oh Doo, you are so sweet. Your soul is pretty spectacular as well.
    That has just made my day. :)

    "SOUL you are all happy.

    @Dowsa... I am "Soul" happy!

    Been there,done that already.LOL

    I take my SOLE ( SOUL ) to my local cobblers. Lot cheaper no bargaining . 



    Smetimes you're just- wrong-LOL (do you guys use the sarcastic just- wrong??) Well, now you can

    I already did!!!Unfortunately Old Nick rang me and asked for his money back( I m joking!!!!!!!!I I beiieve in neither God nor  the devil)


    Bravo,Leo ! An agnostic can't possibly believe in the existence of an anti-deity without believing in the deity's existence in the first place.

    I'm with you on this one Leosmami.

    I pass.


    Eggie, did you switch your interests from aliens to demons ?


    It makes life interesting to think out of the box.

    Benthere "Tell me which would you pick:Heaven and all its perfection or Earth and all its imperfections and sins"

    This is a curious question to ask an atheist because it presumes that the atheist believes in the very existence of heaven in the first place.

    But I will humour you by confessing that I WOULD pick Heaven and all its perfection. I would also pick Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny over this Earth and all its imperfections and sins.


    Crap you can't sell something that dosen't exist to someone that doesn't exist.  Then again, looking at that, I suppose you could. Does anybody want to buy my Air Guitar?  :-)


    LOL- I have a whole collection of my own- but thanks for the offer!

    If people need a website to learn how to sell thier souls to the devil, then the (ficticious) devil is not as savy as one would think!

    My bottom line answer is 100%; the city of my mind, the country of my mind, and for that matter the universe of my mind has established a covenant. 

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