Is the glass half full or half empty???

    ....and what's IN the glass?  
    For me, it's still half full.  What's IN the glass is time and opportunity.  

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    good statement for Bob/PKB.


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    I like to think my glass is half full, rather than half empty.Even though my life feels empty,  no matter what is going on in my life, i always remember what i have and how lucky i am to have it.


    I tend to be like the Crow in that old story and just keep adding stones 'til the level suits me!!Aha!!!Full...fuller...fullest!

    Ms Bob, i have no idea as my glass is always

    It changes, at the moment I'm weary and sick of work, so nothing seems right, but the upside is I gave my weekend away to a work colleague (she needs the money) and I've decided to go south for a couple of days....looking half full again, 2 day's leave YAY

    I drink out of cans only.

    My glasses are either full or empty…there is nothing in-between. 

    Half of glass is full of water, other half is full with air, so glass is always comletely full.

    When asked if I would like another one I would reply "No thanks, its still half full" and if I wanted one I would reply "Yes please its half empty". Notice how that word "still" gives the "No thanks" more emphasis.


    i've always wondered what it is, when you accidently knock the glass over


    Maybe that is an "aha moment". Sometimes what is in the glass gets old and needs to be tossed.



    "Well I am waiting !!

    Here's a hug just for you (((Dowsa)))

    If it's a mixed drink or a beer, It depends on whether or not I have something handy to refill it.

    In spite of things, my glass is always half full, it's a matter of survival...........

    My glass is just filled it's 1/2 full and 1/2 empty. 50-50 split.

    My glass has a crack in it if i don't keep filing it , it shall soon be empty therefore i must continue to pour into it..

    Right now its half empty.It flactuates-. sometimes it is full.


    Ann can you send a recording of your glass "flactulating" please?
    A farting glass what next will you US people come up with?

    You are beeing funny, lol

    It is just a glass... half of nothing... 

    false dilema, it is what it is . pretending doen't help, its best to face it and move on. by the way who says its a closed system? 

    If my glass is half full, then it only a half a glass, then I need a bigger glass?boy am I mess up,one to many.

    Actually, it's a full glass that's been emptied into a larger glass!


    This is a good answer, witchway. Thank you for answering!

    Half full of hope


    Is the glass half empty or half full? is a common expression, used rhetorically to indicate that a particular situation could be a cause for optimism (half full) or pessimism (half empty); or as a general litmus test to simply determine an individual's worldview. The purpose of the question is to demonstrate that the situation may be seen in different ways depending on one's point of view and that there may be opportunity in the situation as well as trouble.

    This idiom is used to explain how people perceive events and objects. Perception is unique to every individual and is simply one's interpretation of reality. The phrase "Is the glass half empty or half full" can be referred to as a philosophical question.

    I want to be more consistent but half-full  or  half-empty depends on the circumstances of any given day, for me.  Wow, a revelation to myself, just rereading what I just wrote!  I can and should do more to keep the positive track going in my life.  It's a matter of taking the reigns of your life,  and not just being a puppet in the whole scheme of life.   It takes time, work and energy  and sometimes those are hard to come by, and thereby we become complacent.   The strange thing is I already knew this, from many years ago, yet why do I let myself fall back when I know better??  Why??   It is to facilitate growth, I think,........hard as it is.  We do not grow from a place of comfort,  only from a place of discomfort.


    That very last line is something I never realized before, michmar118; how true that is, for me, anyway. My glass sometimes seems half empty on those bad days or at times when I am just busy complaining about all my life ISN'T. The only way to "fill the glass" is, like you said, with time, work, and energy. I've not found anything worth having in my life just showing up on my doorstep with a big bow. :D

    ""Me bottle's empty. Hey, bring me another one and make it snappy!


    Yes, SIR. In fact, I'll bring ye a double..


    The glass is always replenished when you know where to go for more.



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    In a glass, just half of its volume is filled with water, why complicate everything. To understand how you think - just count how much dissatisfaction you express in your own thoughts per day)

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