Just wanted to give a heads up!!!

    The hackers at it again they got into my account as well as others ! Just wanted to Apologize for any thumbs down coming from my account !!

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    ALL MEMBER'S CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS NOW! Please go to, choose the "recover password" tab and enter your email address. A link will be sent to your e-mail where you can change your password. Make it a hard one. If you used a fake e-mail address when you joined, send a message to the admin with your correct e-mail address. They can only send you the link to change your password through your e-mail.

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    Really?? I haven't heard of this, not on this site.  On my site a few years ago a member hacked my admin account - He didn't cause any damage but he had access to all member's accounts and passwords, not to mention personal messages.  He didn't hack with any special tools, he just poked around my account until he hit it.  This is why your password really needs to be strong.  Mine was pretty simple and fairly easy to figure out but I never saw reason to make it tamper proof because I would have never dreamed any of our members would do such a thing.  I was wrong! 


    Will somebody tell me....what is a PDF ?

    ~PDF~ 'Portable Document Format' Created in the early 90's by Adobe Systems. A PDF file can be displayed on any operating system, graphics, text, fonts,etc. The Adobe PDF file is a best way to send information files via email because it has embedded into it the resources to display it. It can carry large amounts of information yet being a small file. (I think this is the question you are asking)

    I noticed, and wondered, knew it wasn.t the norm.

    They haven't gotten to me yet.  I noticed the TD on Collen's question, went to investigate and sure enough... I knew you would not do that on purpose.

    Don't forget to contact the admin.


    It was not me?even Though my name is TD (Tommy Downie )

    It's happening again , i'm trying to change my password..


    Make it complicated and write it down.

    Check your e-mail or Python's warning thread. The link to change your password is there.

    The link to change your pass word is here>>>

    Thanks all for the help i just changed my pass word, the new one is john2255874, please keep it a secret..

    Hello hacker. You're an idiot.

    Well daren, I sure won't tell anyone. You can count on me for sure! lol

    I woke up to find a TD from you.....Thanks for the "heads up", I was wondering.............



    the real daren 1 is back jh

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