why is it that people like their things without others

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    SOMETIMES ITS JUST FANTASTIC AND NEEDED TO DO THINGS BY YOURSELF!!! one telling you no!!!!...JUST ENJOY....I LOVE IT!!!(But i love my friends too)!!! XX


    What things? without others what?

    Nobody has crystal balls on this site. Please be more specific.

    Well, I like my pottery wheel because it is at the perfect height and the foot pedal has the perfect tension.

    I like my kiln because I have my personal ramp firing schedules programmed in it's computer.

    I like my glazes because it has taken me a very long time to perfect them and now they are all pretty close to perfect.

    These 'things' belong to me and help me do my work better.  I have personalized how they work.

    This could be how other people feel about their things. 


    YES! And you have spent blood, sweat, and tears over the years getting everything right! You wouldn't want anyone to disturb it!!!! By the way, when I visit would you allow me to make a small sculpture for you? I, of course, will suggest colors and let you choose the glazes. I would love that! Then you could keep it and have a Doolittle origional in your home!
    Clay -$15, glaze-$30, allowing me to make it for you-priceless LOL

    I can't wait!!!! I desperately need to get away, play and laugh! I also love making up bedtime stories...which I can tell your son and you and your husband too.

    are you asking why people don't share their things?  If so, what cars? boats? finished homework?  Please let us know.


    Doo, if you come and visit me you can make anything you want for free. The entire experience would be priceless.

    Ha Ha!... How much fun!

    Solitude sometimes can be relaxing, and having something that is yours and only yours is often enjoyable without feeling obliged to share or entertain someone else

    I like my things without others because all too often, somebody tries to change what is perfectly OK with me as it is.  

    Personal property and personal possession of things as “owned" gives a person a sense of extended self worth that includes the labor and cost of those things exclusively rather than shared openly with all others. Separate, special personal wealth gave rise to greed and ambition that inspired our separate children to think and solve problems rather than to be dependent upon the wisdom of elders exclusively to learn the ways of the ungodly culture by understanding the good of their devices. Soap came to all by this and by its use we are all blessed. So we tolerate the ways of man in clutching to and cherrishing their devices knowing the will of God will provide all we have need of.  False hope has no value in our faith.


    Lovely answer! I treasure family mementos, art, and the furniture that have been passed down or made for me! But then Im quite sentimental.

    Your question doesn't make sense. Would you please try refrasing it.


    The question is 6 months old. It has 7 answers. Why did you even bother? Go look at the unanswered pages and find an unanswered question to answer.

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