What would you do if UPS stopped at your house and dropped off a box addressed to you, with a million dollars in real already circulated one hundred, fifty, and twenty dollar bills?

    The return address when you attempted to look it up, did not exist. You are now stuck with this box containing exactly a million dollars, and you don't know where it came from, or why someone sent it to you.

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    Spend like there's no tomorrow.

    I'd take it to the police station and claim it in 30 days of they were not able to find the owner/s.  Even if it were addressed to me. I still would want to know where it came from. 


    Well I can Ensure you It did not come from Me!

    I'd take some, walk to the store, buy beer, buy a hamburger, and go home and think about it......


    Buy with your own money? or the wind fall ?

    I'd use the windfall, of course....Take my chances....

    Call a trusted friend and my lawyer.  Probably both would be willing to come with me to the police station where we would all count it out together, get a receipt, and then go home and wait.  Let the investigation begin!  Hopefully, the phone call would go like this..."Hello Ducky?  This is "Sergeant Check-It-Out" calling.  The found money is yours.  Come and get it"!!!!!

    Then the decisions would be made.....some people would be doing this.....    :)  :)  :)


    Hey Ducka .Your lawyer would want his 60% cut .You know "What they about the cutting out the middle man.

    I'd hide it somewhere and keep it. Most likely I'd bury it.


    To be honest with you, I'd probably do the same.

    You can bury it in my bank account.Thank you.

    U tterly

    P reemptively

    S iphon


    Wait and see.

    I would wait and see if someone is missing this money. If not, i would keep it.


    Excuse me did you receive a "million $ by mistake meant for a needy person by Name of "DOWSA..Could you contact his Parole Officer.ASAP Thank you "OH there will be no "Reward.

    Dowsa, you would have to hire Sherlock Holmes to get that money. But I would be willing to give you half.

    I would keep it! My name is very unique so I know it was meant for me! LOL


    Gimme a clue clu!

    keep it!

    Say thankyou, sign, (not properly) wave the guy goodbye, piss myself, (not laughing) wonder where I,m going to launder the money? Piss myself again, (not laughing)

    Launder money through gangsta,(piss myself again) not laughing!

    End up pissing it all against the wall.

    Not laughing!

    Dying? Yep!

    Get out of debt free card...

    Could you give me "Ten years to think about It. ( very slow thinker my wife will back me up. )


    My lawyer is getting it dowsa...stop trying to wangle the money out of me! LOL!!!!

    "ME . Doing that to "YOU" Your as tight as a Duck`s A--- Hee I could be your middle man 20% "How about "that.

    Maybe 40%...I'll think about it. :)

    35%. Iam not a very good thinker You stinker.

    Toss it into a closet and wait for someone to show-up. Check the Statute of Limitations on stolen money ….12 years in some locations, 5 in others. Track back on where it came from and return it if possible. And lastly, burn it. The want of money is wasted on me. 


    Don't burn it robert...dowsa wants it... :)

    Know the Song Robert MONEY MONEY IN A RICH MAN`S WORLD.Thats "ME!

    Put into my safe deposit box at my bank, keep it there for a year.

    I'll let you know what my next step will be in a year...

    Pay off your mortgage, pay off your kids' mortgages, have a good vacation, give the rest to charity.

    freak out!


    Oh yeah...I forgot that part. LOL!!!


    If I know to belonged to a poor person i would take it to them, what would you do?



    Keep it, it is adressed to me, no moral implications to take it to police

    Put some of it in investments, some in savings, the rest in my checking account; then SPEND,SPEND,SPEND!

    I'd use th box to store some nic-nacs that have been hanging around the house, if it were US currency  the box would probably be worth more..

    I'd give it all to my church.


    :D OK then!

    What,you don't believe me?

    Oh yes... "Fully Completely".

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