How long will it take for radiation from fukushima to kill me?

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    Check this link here for info>>>

    Roger Willcoe

    That's nice propaganda but thats all it is. Chrisian

    Almost all media is propoganda...what planet are you on anyway??

    I spread love and good cheer dude...and I don't own any links persay...just thought it was a good response to a fearfilled question...the truth of the matter is..we all got to die sometime...

    Roger Willcoe is a New World Order Activist extremist and is very abusive lindilou. If you engage in conversation with him it will not be long until he is calling you all sorts of horrible names.
    I think he may have been suspended as I have complained about his abuse at least half a dozen times.
    His avatar was of a dead child's head on the streets inside a war zone. He is extremely upset with me because I had it removed. Now I am an idiot, a crazy woman and apparently I take prescription drugs (This is news to me).

    Thanx little Fishy:)

     Unless you die prematurely in a  motor vehicle related accident it will take Fukushima radiations 1000 years or more to kill you; watch this please...

    You were there? How were those waves, really?

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