Anyone wakeup over the last year?

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    YES,           I have.!!!

    I was but you are putting me to sleep............


    Good one. :)

    I been awake for 3 years now...


    That's why You don't like Obama...You slept thru George W Bush's presidency....LOL

    Something like that.. i think.
    Roger Willcoe

    Only about 6,979,999,942 more to

    I guess so.. I don't want a New World Order-- Now that we have that settled, where do i get my badge, my sign and what street corner am I assigned to??

    I must be a dum-dum because i have no idea what you are speaking of-- If this is an anti Obama thread, i am terribly sorry, but I am not an obama supporter I like him but I do not like his policies. so what are we talking about here?? I am only replying to a member's thread. Opinions are welcome but when opinions get in the way of community camaraderie then we have a problem. people have a right to voice their opinions without ridicule and resentment. And of course, those that disagree have a right to either ignore or voice their own opinions, this is where it should stop though. In politics, there is never a right or wrong.

    Hi Vinny;
    This Roger fellow is a New World Order Activist who had an avatar of a dead child's head on a war torn street (minus the body).
    Roger Willcoe became extremely abusive when I forced the removal of this avatar. I then read the abusive rantings of this person who accused me of all sorts of things that are not true and called me all sorts of names that are also not true.
    Roger thinks that I am not in the 'Know' when it comes to this movement. I unfortunately am as I worked with one of his comrades for two years where this person was a "gatherer" as well. All sorts of Coast to Coast programs and hate monger programs were played over the speakers to "Wake me Up!"

    Here are some of the things they believe...
    There will be Fema trains to take us to Fema camps way up North where we will have frontal lobotomies and become zombie drones.
    There are warehouses filled with body bags (white) with one coloured dot (different colours)... these dots are for an identification of sorts... the reason is not known why yet.
    The shadow people are here. They are evil but aren't here right now to do evil things.
    Ashtar and his 4 ships will come and pick up the chosen ones and fly them to safety. They are circling the earth right now and waiting.
    Only the elite will survive. Queen Elizabeth, Madonna, Arab Nationalists a few Jewish political leaders, the King of Jordan... you get my drift.

    Like I said-- I must be a 'dum-dum' I had no idea all this was going on. I sure didn't pick it up from the heading of this thread.. Sorry, I think I'm on your side.. :) Thanks for the editorial on it.

    Actually Vinny, quite a bit of this has gone missing.... At least one question where he came out attacking us. Not to worry. :)

    Vinny my first comment was a joke. It had nothing to do with Sparky's beliefs....just was teasing you.

    Oh No FEMA is here gotta go hide...where is that tinfoil cap???? LOL

    Not me, never will I wake up unless I have too.



    How adorable.

    ""Yeah, I've been watchin' telly all night and drinkin' me gin.

    I've been awake since the day i was born..


    Roger has an agenda. Check the tag.

    just came out of hibernation. its springtime!

    yep, lots, only some day's I wish I hadn't!


    Check the tag... New World Order elite scum. Sparky has an agenda. He is "gathering".



    me, too

    Where'd you get all that karma?


    Odd, I know.

    I wake up a little more every day.  My wrath grows with every awakening. That's all I'm going to say.  

    What a lovely bunch of coconuts.....  At least Vinnys aware of the matrix of lies and has the guts to say so (not afraid, thinks for himself, knows right from wrong, not a slave, free). The people running the planet love most of you (programmed unthinking unquestioning tools always standing between the truth and them). You'll see, then you can tell your grandcchildren what you did in the awakening (fought for the lies because you were to stupid to wakeup...and how you regrete calling those who tried to wake you up names because you were programmed so well by the system) ( I bet you all got strait A's didn't you).'s ok ... fighting through your programming is the point.


    Take your meds. I know all about the NWO, I've just not allowed myself to become a hysterical fanatic over it. They do not have enough members to even be as powerful as you think they are. A few wacky rich people. No worries. It is not going to happen. Go hide back under your rock.

    By the way, Vinny has no idea what NWO is, fishlet had to explain it to him.

    Every one suit up!!!
    Get ready for your white body bag with the one little coloured dot!
    Sheeple Alert! Sheeple Alert! Sheeple Alert!
    Roger Willcoe

    a few rich (obviously you don't know anything) go ride your horse and think about how much you hate men and quit acting like you control all knowldge you over aggressive bull dike .

    Sparky; You show your true colours by calling people names and attempting to rile others by insulting their level of intellegence. You have jealousy in your heart and envy in your soul.
    You are an abusive human being.


    1. I do not own a horse.
    2. I do not hate men. I do get annoyed with the foolish silly men with their warped and weird ideas which I believe most people do too.
    3. Some men are threatened by lesbians, apparently you are one of them but that is not surprising since you're a paranoid type of person.
    4. Bull Dyke is not even a close description of me. I enjoy being a woman and have no thoughts or desires to act or look like a man.
    5. Do not direct your short comings towards me. You believe you know what every person in this world is thinking and call them nasty names because they refuse to think like you. You believe you have all the knowledge about where this world is going. Your brain is toasted.
    6. I'm only aggressive towards ilk like you.
    7. Bye-bye toast head. Find another forum to play troll on.

    I do my own thinking, research and living and resent anyone trying to think for me or project where I will be in the future. That is God's business....not yours.

    My faith is in God....and you have no place in the scenario of my life.

    Once again, please seek help. You are on my prayer list.

    At least, this tool has a mind and voice of his own.

    Roger Willcoe, "an over aggressive bull dike". Are you out of your mind expressing such a misogynistic statement? Really. - over and out!

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