What's The Most Exotic Thing You've Ever Eaten? Did It "Taste Like Chicken" (lol)?

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    Is this question derived from the joke about the two lesbian frogs?

    One frog says to the other ' It's true, we do taste like chicken'.

    frenchfried grasshoppers. salty. and will never do again. i will stick to my chicken and rice.

    Well now clong   er  clonge,(what does that mean??)'s got to be the time I got dropped off in Norman Wells N.W.T. to play music at a camp which had 3 polar bears monitoring the electric fence surrounding the place and the temp was a balmy 75 degrees below zero,yes farenheit,and they served Arctic Char as well as Musk Ox in Red Wine Hunter Sauce...the best food in the world and NO it did not taste like fowl in the least bit.


    A co-worker came up with the name eons ago. I didn't know until a few months ago that it is vulgar; something compelled me to look it up. It's in a foreign language which he doesn't even know. He's one of my closest friends; we've known each other for 34 years.

    'clonge' is French slang for a woman's private parts.

    Who knew???Now I've heard 'em all.....

    Now I know what the name means ... changes everything... seriously!

    I tasted Ostrich when I was in France one New Years Eve it tasted more like steak than chicken really tasty.


    I looked up "Osterage", and couldn't find it (in English). Do you mean "ostrich"?

    Yes Ostrich, I had a bad moment, spelling part of my brain gave up for a while.There look I've changed it.

    I had a pasta dish with squid ink in the sauce (no squid in the dish).  It was made in an awesome Italian Rest. in Chicago- turns out I can eat the actual squid (from a prior experience) but I'm quite allergic to the ink....So, the ink was doing it's job even when cooked.

    It did not taste like chicken- hard to expain- but quite tasty.  I guess that's a once in a lifetime experience...Next time I could die.

    It just figures that a person named "nomdeplume" would know what a woman's private parts are in French.


    mais oui. certainment! pourquoi pas!!??

    I've eaten Buffalo, tasted like rich red meat, why not buy ordinary meat that didn't cost a motza (that's more than usual meat) ate crocodile, tasted like "fishy chicken", I'd rather have fish and chips or BBQ chicken,I really can't see the the purpose paying a fortune for exotic foods that all taste great "like chicken" .......just buy chicken, or enjoy the experience (from now on I'll stick to the chicken)

    I ate a 'doggy donut'...........tasted like horse :)



    A doggy donut is a treat I used to give my dog, Tuffy, back when I was a wee lad of 8 years or so. He was a chinese Pug.
    Well.....I was told it was made with horse meat.
    I've never eaten horse. I would have to say, "nay" to that.

    I'm not one to try exotic foods, if it's moving or smells weird or looks like something my cat coughed up. No way am I going to eat it.

    I s'pose the most "exotic" foods I've tried would be:
    Escargot, which I liked and did not taste like chicken
    Poi and Menudo, neither of which I liked nor tasted like chicken
    Eel, which I did not like, was greasy, with no resemblance to chicken
    Acorn Soup, which did not taste like chicken and made me vomit.

    Lizard with lots of BBQ sauce tastes like chicken, they were quite large on Luzon in the Philippines. Monkey is not my favorite. Horse when I was a kid in Virginia, the butcher thought he could get away with some cheap meat and was arrested the next day. Most wild meat tastes very different than domestically raised meat. Chicken raised commercially is bland when compared to chicken raised free-range and fed from a garden. Chicken eggs have yokes that are orange to red depending on their diet. The yokes are thick and flavorful. All animals and fish are flavered by their diet including honey and milk.


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