who is your role model and why?

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    It would have to be the man who raised me, I've never known a better man.................

    My real life role model is my husband.  He is a wonderful, straight forward, brilliant man.

    As for role models out there in " The Great Out There!" , I don't have one because every time I begin to take a closer look there is something that seems a bit off.

    For example... Frank Lloyd Wright... I think his work is brilliant.  He was considered a lousy business man who always ran over time and over budget.  There were times when his friends had to pay his bills.  He was not a faithful husband and was considered a lousy father.

    Theodor Seuss Geisel... Dr. Seuss.  He was completely brilliant as well.  He had an affair which devastated his already ill wife who was battling cancer. Helen killed herself...Less than one year later he married the woman he had the affair with, Audrey.

    Now, I just admire the work and don't delve into the personal side of brilliance. 



    Very sad story about the wife who "killed herself.glad your happy with the man in your life. like me and my "Wonderful wife.

    We are two lucky "Cool Cats"!

    Excuse me I thought you were a "FISH" "OH I had YOU FOR SUPPER WITH BROCCOLI. LOL

    I do not have a role model and never did, I admire a lot of people but i am fully aware everyone has flaws so I have always tended to take the "good" bits as I see them from a lot of people.

    Worked for me.


    Very true my friend.

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