Can humans talk?

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    I can hear voices everywhere. I think we are all Aliens.


    I am,was never sure about you Ann.
    Now I know!

    Nanu-nanu Ann. I thought people were talking about be everywhere I went. Fortunately I was studying psychiatry at the time. The condition did not last long but it gave me an opportunity to understand how disturbing that it is especially when driven by paranoia which makes every little concern loom larger than life.


    Theres a guy who lives in the Isle-of- Wight,who reckons we all come from crocs type animals,Ann,

    Typing is a form of silent speech, speech is talking. Can you talk? You did type out this question. 

    No humans here to answer this question .


    If there had been you wouldn,t have got an apology.


    tweet999, what silly question, or is it the person that asked it.!!

    NO Dolly "Tweets a BUDGIE Dont understand all they see is a big "BAW" face looking at them.

    YES, humans can talk; some more than others, and many do so without using their brains.


    Makes a point better than a TD doesn't it? ;)

    Colleen .Bob is making fun of "ME"

    Yes, to both of you. HA!

    Some more then others ,It would appear,

    Women can, men only rarely.


    Men only wait while women talk. They know that women they cover a lot of ground when they talk so eventually they will get around to whatever it is men want to talk about.

    Good point caddam, you almost quote Milton's Ode on his Blindness; 'They also serve who only stand and wait'. Men also wait while women shop, visit the hairdresser, doctor, chat to their friends on the telephone, visit the bathroom etc, etc,etc. Although they may talk a lot, they don't really say very much.

    Animals can talk too! just little different then our language.


    That is Correct!

    Why would people thumbs down this question? It  sounds like a question more than likely asked by a child or someone who may not speak the English language.   These trigger happy people who would give a TD for an innocent question such as this are in my opinion ,the people who contribute to giving karma a bad name.


    I gave this question its TD. The person who asked it obviously DOES know the English language. All four question asked as of this point in time had proper construction. This person found this site, registered himself, asked four questions with no errors. This is not a "child". This is not an "innocent" question. It is rather a pointless question considering its source, in my opinion.
    It's obviously time for me to take a good, long break from this place when a TD gets reamed like this.
    I cancelled my TD, country bumpkin. There are 7 answers and not one TU. Why is that?
    country bumpkin

    Bob, I'm not on here as much as before so I did not see the other questions from this person. In my opinion, this question does not deserve a TU or a TD. It's just plain silly and asinine, especially, if it's coming from an adult. It seems like just a corny question ( intended or not), that probably will receive only corny answers. Why let someone so new to this forum (who we should be very cautious with our TU anyway) have such a negative impact on members here of akaQA that we would even bother to TD him/her either? I hope I explained this a little better than my first response. (*~*)

    Thank you, country bumpkin; I felt pretty defeated reading your answer last night. As I look now, this question, pointless, corny, silly and asinine as you and I consider it, now has 3 Thumb's Up. votes. I really am ready to give up. Hope you have a good day and a happy weekend. Bob
    country bumpkin

    I hope you have a good weekend also .

    Well yes.  I am now fluent in Armadillo!!!!  Onto the spotted magpie!!!!


    Spotted magpie yummy..

    Bad daren! Bad boy!

    Armadillo, steamed in it,s own shell?
    Yummy yum yum.

    NOOOOOO! Bad Romos! Bad Boy!!!!

    most of them do

    Not all , but most can as far as i know..

    Many talk too much. We were given 2 ears and only 1 mouth. Why? Because, in many cases, people should listen twice as much as they talk!

    If they're talking to other humans they can...



    Ith that tho?

    I think you cant talk scince your birth thats why you have typed this question

    and humans can talk.

    Well, since we human formed the concept and definition and recognized the vocal patterns, I suppose we do.


    so true....squinnty eyes.from me that is !!!

    The curly guy can't.




    OH YE??????

    I'm saving that!

    Jawashabt!!! Trunawley baawk!

    My ex boyfriend never said a word...but he didn't need to.  But then of course he did.

    Many are able, few should.

    BE QUIET !



    Most of us probably can but how good is an other question.

    Most can, and a lot really don't know when to stop

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