I share this computer with my parents. I have tried to set up an email account: password snugglehugs3, and a face book account michael dean password snugglehugs3 Maybe thats turned around as far as the name goes but it takes the name not my password. I get alternate names or it keeps going back to my parents pages.

    Click on to facebook up comes parents wall. Click on to Yahoo up comes parent page. (Computer setting is open for more than one user) Type in my name it is fine but sometimes I get alternative  names. Type in password says not valid. Would like to change so both accounts are:

    Name: bearissam

    Password: snugglehugs3  

    But won't let me, won't accept my info. Dont want my name Michael Dean on either account or showing anywhere. Can you help? My parents can't.

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    I strongly recommend you log into your accounts and change your passwords.

    My best suggestion is to log out of your parents Facebook and e-mail and then try logging into Facebook under the account you set up. 

    This is akaQA, we are a general questions and answer forum. We are also a public forum seen all over the world. It's probably good that your password does not work because people around the world can see what you've posted here. I can delete this question if you want me to. 

    This kid is really something else.  Keep the computer away from him.

    I really can't believe this one.. I hope you are savvy enough to change your passwords.. Don't display private information on any public forum.. You are asking for trouble.

    Good advice . Try in google : Face book logins with shared computer?   Lots of stuff there on this subject . Look into shared computer settings on the computer . You can log in with a separate password and use separate from parent s . Best thing separate computers . Most people here are not mean spirited but  best ask for this to come down pretty fast . Ask Colleen to remove this quick

    It is refreshing to see such innocence again and I sure hope no harm comes by this question.

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