Why does Superglue whichever brand never work for me . I find it far from Super .

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    It never works for me either, except when I can,t separate my fingers.


    Yes Copious amounts of Fairy liquid and a blunt knife


    Bet you don't bother to read the manufacturers suggestions or the directions on the you Dunc?

    Sometimes spending 30 seconds reading can save you a half hour of stress.

    Good luck with it mate! LOL

    Dunc:  You are the very first person who has ever stated this.  Usually the question involves how to get things un-stuck from super glue.

    So strange... Don't buy a hot glue gun.... I fear you are existing inside an 'anti-stick this together again' zone.  I have heard of these but never ever known anyone to be living in one.

    Good luck and may the GLUE FORCE be with you .... again .... some day soon.

    Peace Out!

    I have the same problem and like ROMOS my fingers get really sticky. They should also remove the name Super but I'm sure it's just their brand name similar to Kleenex is for tissue.

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