he lies to everyone people hate me throw verbal abuse, he as plotted a plan with his lover settin me up run me out village

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    Woman you need to get out of there and go to a safe place NOW.This does not sound very happy or healthy for you and you must stop playing this awful game with these people!! Do not stay anywhere you are not welcome...Do you have some family or friend to go stay with...someone he does not know??You must steal away girl!Can you do this very soon! It also sounds like you are suffering from depression,you know?Like sadness,worry,can't sleep?None of this serves you well so please take our advice collectively and get out of that place and get yourself into a safe loving place!Please!

    He may carry out his threats, you should leave now. Just pack and go and don't tell him you're going. If you tell him he may really do something. With abusive men, you never tell them you're going. Pack when he's not around, call a taxi and go, don't wait around to find out whether he'll carry out his threats.

    Take the advice of Eggplant, Lindilou and Umbriel.  Start a new life and then learn by this mistake.  Stay out of other people's business. 

    These people probably were guilty but it is not your place to say anything... obviously.

    Don't let this man have a hold over you, it is your life , not his.Is there somewhere you can go ?Womens refuge maybe, get yourself out of this situation immediately, if you don't,  it will only get worse.

    What country are you in? This sounds scary to me.

    Well, why are you staying there. Get the hell out of the place. Report it to the police.


    i new to the village 4 yrs ago i met him a yr been here. he as lived here all his life got many friends. the whole village disbelived me wen he and another married woman were doing ill acts then screamin i crazy, i was so low i question all i do he, wen my bak was turned he was creatin a very untrue picture telling them lots of stories. i didnt realy no he was til he told everyone i drunk all time then accuse him of sleeping with woman. i said i dont drink u all no that they belived i was secretly drinking upstairs i be cleaning last few glasses or just my job sandra allways last to go, her husband go loo or out use his phone she wud give sex acts smirkin in my face if i said just get out or anythin i was allways calm they start screamin im ill in the head, by this stage my world was grey i stoppd washing sleeping and standing next day same clothes lots more, then i dont no y but i briefly ad chat a little about him not much cus every one belived him. i just stop him coming round but kept in touch by phone cus i was scared. i was right to be he as plan on way. his words to my face once was landlady dead bottom of cellar stairs fell from been drunk. i replied is that wat u want do his answer o yes its just avin bollocks get away wiv

    It doesn't sound like you have anyone to support or protect you.  Get out of town as quickly as possible.  Leave no forwarding address.  Take only that which is 100% yours. 

    Time to go.  be well.

    get out now! before its too late....PLEASE..

    Learn from this experience.  Be more cautious with men the next time. 

    This is how wisdom is attained if you can learn from this crisis.

    what a conceited a%% hole. Take care of your self.

    Stay where you are. He can do nothing to you. You are surrounded by people who know you. Do not run because someone threatens you, which is just what he wants and then you also leave your home for him and his mistress. Never be afraid to face the music, because you cannot always be running from danger. Give him his divorce and say good bye. Keep it peaceful. If you feel threatened, make a police entry "for future information or reference only", so that you have proof of what you are alleging about him. And you can get the neighbourhood police to visit you from time to time (a paid service I think in some parts of the world, but the police are there to help protect you), this is also used against him in court if he does any harm to you. Keep the relatives advised that he has threatened you. You have a good backup support system amongst your own family. Have nothing to do with his, even though his mother and you are best of friends. Keep it close to your chest about him with those whom he knows and are his friends. If necessary, get a restraining order against him to keep him at a distance until the divorce comes through!. You cannot always run, because stuff like this always follows you. Pray if you wish, there is he who does protect!.


    She is surrounded by people who hate her and throw verbal abuse at her. I don't generally vote down an answer, but you really are off the mark here. After reading the question more carefully, please read what was commented at eggplant's answer.

    coolandy2000, he could kill her. Its often safer to move on.

    @dollybird and @Bob/PKB I find that most people who make threats are really cowards .. also addressed in another comment here, and the lady is hypersensitive, so she sees nobody for her, her state of mind makes her feel that the whole world is against her, because she talks of nobody for her, therefore her running, no matter where she runs, the problem is within herself. She has to cure herself to get over the problem otherwise she will always be on the run.

    coolandy2000, This lady doesn't have a good situation going on. She is afraid and who are we to tell her he's just a coward who won't make good on his threats? The guy has a girlfriend and she is a pariah in the village. She doesn't say she is married, either. It sounds like most people who "know her" don't like her. This doesn't seem like the best time to stand your ground, face your fears, and take on the whole world. I'd like to see her get to a women's shelter and get some therapy in a safe setting.
    I missed the place where she said she had a good support system "amongst" her own family. She sounds quite alone to me.

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