It is Monday... the begining of the week. I began each week, a very long time ago, by aking myself, "What am I going to learn this week?"

    This week I am going to begin learning how to make gluten free pasta from scratch.  I have had a pasta machine for three years without ever using it.  It is about time!

    What would you like to learn?

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    I would like to apologize as Romos has pointed out my serious spelling error... I was editing when the question posted and then I received a message that the web page had expired.

    Or "beginning even"?

    It was a flipping glitch!

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    How to spell "ASKING" probably.


    I was editing and the flipping thing posted then the web page expired cranky skirt wearing man.

    You are so funny I forgot to laugh... all sung in middle C!

    You could learn how to accept that people are not perfect and neither is my internet!

    By next Monday I plan on having something resembling my old shop again. Question: Don't put anything together you wouldn't drive. No different then a hand grenade.

    I enjoy cooking and especially pasta dishes.   Never tried the pasta machine but have had fresh made pasta and its in a world of its own. 

    This week I would like to learn how I can love my wife more and show it.


    Oh... that is such a good one. :)

    I will learn this too if you will share your knowledge or the source of it.


    Aliens... be one with the Alien Nation!
    Thanks for the recipe. Oh my ... yumm. I am going to make it this weekend.
    As for gluten free pasta.. I will keep you posted if you like! :)
    I still have one of your questions to answer... haven't had the time to look up one spelling. :) I have been playing with mud!

    How much mud will go into gluten free pasta?

    Do you plan to use rice flour?


    I will probably have to ... that is the reason I would love to make my own though... tasteless stuff this gluten free pasta is. Bread is next!

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