can't stop

    spring is coming soon,i want to put my self on diaet, but now   i eat more as before

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    "" ""


    Lucky me, it is on the screen,but I licked it
    oh, Shelly

    You are so cruel

    Meanie!!!! lol

    now that's my kind of diet

    I would like a slice of both with a scoop of coffee ice cream and a coffee with cream and splenda. Thank Yu!

    Staple foods are the most what did I do with my fork...?

    Avoid going to places where you can see tasty food.

    ..??MODERATION IN ALL THINGS..YOU CAN HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT!!:-)...stick to a balanced diet and treat yourself sometimes..you1ll feel a million dollars!!:-)...AND WILL  ENJOY YOUR TREATS MORE!!!:-))

    Train willpower!

    Diets don't work.  You will lose weight and then gain it all back.

    The changes have to be gradual and forever....more fruit...more vegetables...more water...more exercise....less dessert...less junk food....less restaurant food.  You can still have a "treat" once a week, so you don't feel deprived but you can't have "treats" every day. Good luck.


    shhhh...I have a treat everyday and try to eat good stuff for meals. My sweet tooth is way too strong to deprive!

    That's okay...I'm just here to GIVE advice not FOLLOW it! Welcome to the club! haha

    Plenty of swimming, jogging and  less sitting will help somewhat.



    Good idea and right now, I'm SITTING and...I'm eating popcorn! haha

    Focus on the outcome rather than the problem, picture yourself in 6 months if you stick to your diet.

    I bet you can...if you really put your mind to it!!:-)...The thought of diets/healthy eating can be scary!!...plan menus in advance..set little goals which are achievable!....changing your eating plan still leaves room for treats!!....see a dietician for help if you`re really stuck..or join a slimming group..where everyone is in the same boat!...Plan to treat yourself to some new clothes when you reach your goal!`s always hard to start...but once you`ve lost a coupla pounds it will give you the incentive to carry on!!....drink plenty of H20 before meals to feel fuller...and snack on healthy food eg fruit/veg inbetween meals!...i lost over 3 stone and I feel SO much better!!...You know when you are succeeding when people start making positive comments re the ever shrinking you!!...and don`t rush it or the weight is quicker to regain!!

    good you!

    Love Millie xx

    Ear your greens.

    Try counting carbs, that's what my doctor has me doing............

    Every time you have an urge to eat drink a full glass of water instead...

    Yeah, me, too.  Haven't been doing anything but bowling for exercise (3 games is equal to walking 2 miles).  Now I LOOK like a bowling ball. 
    You'll get there.  When you are ready and tired of being a blimpette, you will take care of business.  


    I like your flowers that are your avatar- but I miss your smiling face!

    I agree with Doolittle on this.

    :D....I'll put me back. That is the fruit bouquet I made for Thanksgiving.

    Go on a seafood diet.You see food,you eat it.

    Sometimes overeating is all about emotional issues, maybe you have been feeling down or depressed lately, try and work out what triggers you to overeat.


    So maybe it's those sad movies that make me eat?? (Bring on the popcorn) LOL!

    All of the above but remember this...Diet is just Die...with a "t" on the end!!!


    Yes, a cup of warm green tea after a meal helps... :)

    Deprivation or the fear of it has killed most of my diet plans.  I'm a good weight and can only do certain exercises for short periods of time due to sever back problems (etc).  Though it causes a lot of pain at times I try to walk with a friend 2-3 times a week.  Usually we walk approx 3 miles.  Other days I'll do a bit of housework.  On nice days my cat and I go on walks "adventures"  that requires a lot of standing around.  I allow myself a few cookies, a small bowl of ice cream, or another small treat every day.  I try to eat fresh veggies and fruit with some sort of protein.  Nuts and the butters that come from them have the right kind of fat and protein.  I cut back on salad dressing and try to avoid white sauces on food.  In truth I'm not very hungry anymore- and because I vary my diet and allow myself a treat I don't feel like Im missing anything.  Ive dropped 6 pant sizes from my heaviest.(I was on high dose steroids which tell your brain you are always hungry and another medication that made me puff up alot these were RXd for a medical condition...I am lucky to be off of them) So, if you take medications see what the side effects are- you may have to go slow if you are on a medication that sends signals that you are starving and must eat-  the alteration in your brain, though you know the message is untrue, is very hard to fight especially when the signals afffect your stomach making you physically hungry.

    Don't beat yourself up and drop the expectation that you'll be a perfect size and weight in three weeks.  Just get more active as he weather becomes warmer, eat smart- and gradually cut the portions...or eat 5 x a day with 3 small meals and 2 filling snacks.

    Good luck!


    Moderator sound like you do a great job on trying to eat healthy and also seems like that's a lotta walkin'!! Good for you! I never used to have to be concerned about weight (skinny as a rake for years) but now...different story. I'm okay according to "those charts" but not according to my mirror! LOL!!!

    You could always try hypnotism. I've never tried it myself, but I've heard it works for dieting and smoking.

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