Curious, just how many hours are some of you spending on Aka?

    I can understand Colleen as she is a Moderator, but the rest of the members seem to be 4 hours up to 8 hours or more, just curious as some members are accumulating Karma in excess of 1000 per day, every day.

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    How does being a moderator play into my having high karma? I answer hundreds of questions per day here and am a daily member. I like to think that it is the answers I give that gets me the TU not the fact that I am a moderator. Daren is just about as high in Karma as I am but he's not a moderator. Just saying.

    Or now that I look at your comment again, did you mean you can understand the amount of hours I put in here because I'm a moderator? My apologies if I misread what you wrote. It was the mentioning of karma that threw me off.

    Colleen, being a Moderater i did not include you, the latter part of your comment is correct.

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    It's got something to do with all those snappy, intelligent, and oh so helpful answers and the fact that this is a real hoot and the keyboard practice is great as I was a cave woman before this so am tap tap tapping the two finger tap and it takes me half an hour just to answer one quest...I actually started tapping this one out a half hour ago.That's my mean story and I'm stickin' to it.Unless you counter in that I'm hooked...I mean on this site...uh oh here comes another Jonesey moment...luv...Mrs.Jonesing for akaQ@A !


    "HEY .lindilou still love that name. Did you include me !! when you said "Intelligent .HA HA know this "Song "YOU DON'T KNOW ME"". Keep on this site we need you.

    AW shucks you've made me blush!!!

    Lindilou, i'm afraid there is no antidote for the Aka addiction, we all have it. Enjoy!!!!!! :)

    Now you have gone and done it... you are hot glued Baby!

    With the weather getting nicer, I wont spend as much time on here. I actually spend too much tinme on here when I schould be doing something else.


    ANN you love this site and this site "love!s you.You see every time I see your name brings loving memory!s . to my loving late young Sister. ANN.SO stay on Girl.

    Dowsa, I am not leaving. I just wont be on here as much as I have in the past.Where I live we have a short spring and I have planting and cleaning up outside to do. Thank you for your concern

    I spend up to 2 hours a day on average.

    About 45 minutes a day at the moment, been a bit busy lately..


    "HEY SunnyB. you brighting up my "Day.

    About 45 minutes to an hour for me.


    Missing YOU.

    About one hour recently as I am doing more yard work and getting my garden ready for spring which is upon us now. Light rain last night and warming days. Frogs croaking last night put me to sleep and roosters at dawn. I love it.

    November 18, 2012 I can be on this site longer. I’m setting up to E-photograph the frost we get in the mornings here ( an annual event). 


    lucky you Robert.

    Sounds great, enjoy!

    2-4 hours on average, but not all at any one time

    I,m unemployed at the moment so I,ve seen me on and off, sometimes, up to 8 or 12 hrs occassionally, sad but true lol.

    I love the banter on this site, and it,s well run, unlike other forums.



    IF RANGERS had some like you PAL spending all the hours given your advice "How a club should be "RUN .Our club RANGERS would be lifting the EURO CUP every year.DOWSA.

    I wish pal, I wish.

    Sorry to hear you are unemployed. What kind of work you do when employed? How does the job market (for your kind of work) look like? Good luck!

    My actual business was interior home restoration, but due to an injury I took up retail management which is suffering a bit of a downturn in the UK at the moment.

    I hope it turns around for you soon,Romos.

    Me too mate, me too.

    @ROMOS Good honest answer.

    TU for being honest.

    Tell it like it is, that,s me.

    I have no idea. But I'm about to log off. It is 4:45am. I forgot about daylight saving time.


    Chell, what time did you start ?

    Varies, but on average about  6 to 12 hrs a week.  :-}

    Lately the weather dictates how much time I spend here. I'm also putting a few things together that take up some time. I've not been here for a day or two this past two weeks. I would average approximately one to two hours a day.

    Many hours my Josie thinks I could get more educated .


    And you do mate, you do.

    Thanks mate must be the Cider I keep feeding my "Wife.

    Tell her you are earning your degree online. You'll have a B.A. in "interpersonal communications". You have a 4.0 GPA and are eligible for a grant come June, 2013.

    Bob.B.A. does that mean Bad Attitude Dont know about a grant? its a "Brain transplant I need.Before 2013.

    up to two hours which is too many

    It depends on the questions being asked or just read, 30 minutes to 6 hours a day........

    varies for me perhaps an average of three solid hours over a 12 hour period !!

    Thanks guys  and Gals for your answers, by the way i spend arond 3 hours on a  weeknight, and god only knows on a weekend, today Monday my time , being a public holiday i was on and off , totaling approx 8 hours and i'm still logged on -- i can't help myself, Happy Aka-ing. :)

    I don't know.


    Oh, yes you do. Come on,take a WILD guess.

    I don't want too.

    Sorry- digger isn't you. doo is just has a bit of the blue(s)

    This is a question that no frequent visitor will ever truthfully respond to. Most members at the upper echelon of the karma points board surely spend over 10 hours per day, every day.

    Me, I spend about 15-30 minutes on weeknights and a couple of hours on weekends,on and off.


    I can spend up to 16 hours a day here back and forth between house work and pets. I've always been honest about the amount of time I put in here but I feel I must as a moderator, put that time in. ;)

    Oh, I know you do. I also "know" that others do too but are ashamed to admit it;-)

    I have backed off a lot here lately... I barely spend more than 30 min a day.. if that.


    I have noticed-- i miss your caring, straight forward answers.

    you are too kind.. and it is nice to be noticed... :)

    My time on aka has this year been drastically curtailed. My marriage started to show strains because of the amount of time spent on my Mac. Eventually I had to decide which one, my wife or my Mac ?  Well, it was a close call, I love both but there are some things a Mac just can't do that I was not prepared to forgo. So be it, my wife won, how foolish I had been and how much happier I now am. Now I still have the odd hour logged on to this site when my wife is not at home but better some than none at all. I quit smoking twenty years ago but can I quit aka ?  


    West, believe me i know how it is , i have the same problem! lol.

    I too can relate to this...

    Thank God that I do not increase in Karma points by the zillions, which means I sleep. No bags under the eyes and that proves it too :).. Presently rewriting my school notes, so just drop in here to see if there is any intellectually stimulating stuff to answer to, and this is one of them :). Congratulations, you have made my evening. Hope you have a pleasant evening too :).

    1 hours


    Depends on questions and ditto on lively conversation.  I'm a newbie but finding very habit forming.


    digger whom ?

    Not sure... could have been me although I don't know why. :)

    One to three, depending on how lively the conversation.  Often its my R&R recoup time.   I usually quit for the day when I say something dumb, just to give myself time to get over it and others time to forget it. 


    Up here, buzz buzz, the term "cat FOOD" buzz buzz means something entirely buzz buzz different than down where you are.
    I love cats, delicious!

    On average about an hour a night if I'm lucky. Wish that I could spend more time.

    Bullet, you must have read my mind. I've been thinking for the last few days of posing that same question . I does seem like some people are on this site all the time. And no, I'm not referring to the mods.I spend an hour or two or 3 - - -like tonight.  On here almost every day. And that's partly b/c my computer is ssooo  slow.

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