my wife had a failed hernia why wont the hospital fix it with out spending another 17thousand

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    You need to speak to the director of the hospital about this. We can not answer for the hospital.

    You need to talk to the surgeon who performed the operation to find out what went wrong. If you dont get a satifactury answer, contact an attorny who specializes in healthcare lawsuits.

    Some years ago I had hernia surgery myself, and I know how easy it is to rip out the internal stitches. You can do it as easy as coughing or moving wrong. That's why they say not to do anything until things have a chance to heal. That might not be the case, but it is something to consider while blaming the doctor. It's not always the doctors fault.

    we have tried so what  do i do



    Speak to billing and see if you are eligible for hardship rates.

    Legal fees will exceed the 17,000 in a heartbeat , litigation will take huge amounts of time and the out come is not guaranteed .Surgery has many risks and variables outcomes are not guaranteed . That's a fact of life brutal ,sad ,but true . Next option is to negotiate with hospital for surgery and make payment arrangements  of some kind . Research all the programs you may qualify for and ask for help with this from the hospital. They have a social worker on staff that has one job and that is to help with these needs . Maybe you change hospitals and find a more compassionate care facility ,they are not all the same in policy or practice . May this turn out well for you .       Bill

    How long ago was the hernia operation? If it is recent i.e. within 2 months and she has not done any hard work which causes the return of the hernia, you will have a hard time showing proof that she has not caused the hernia again. Lifting heavy objects is one cause of a failed hernia operation. That is the reason why they will not redo the operation. You may instead, get the second opinion of a surgeon who does hernia operations and prove that the operation that was done does not meet the necessary procedures through surgery to prevent its return, i.e. sutures that were not close enough to prevent the rupture once again! She should have also worn a hernia belt after the operation, and the hospital should have advised her to do so. If they did not, then you have a good case, only if the hospital or doctor who tended her, had to give her advise on how to prevent its return, and failed to do so. Good Luck!. 

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