which person invent watch?

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    Peter Henlein developed the first portable timepiece in 1504. While it was easy to carry, it was in no way accurate as the wearer's walking movement impacted the timepiece's ability to keep time. Patek Philippe is most often credited with the first creation of a wristwatch in the late 19th century. He designed a timepiece that was viewed as an accessory for women. Louie Cartier then invented a timepiece for men in the early 20th century. He designed this timepiece to aid pilots who couldn't afford the time to fumble for a watch while involved in the delicate task of flying a plane. Similarly, the officers involved in WWI demanded a method to check the time while in the heat of battle. Feeling around in their waistcoat pocket wasn't an efficient option, so the Army drove demand for a mass-produced, efficient wristwatch. Soldiers were allowed to keep their wristwatches after being released from the Armed Forces and the wristwatch became a part of popular culture.

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