Have you won a prize or drawing lately ? How lucky have you been at winning something ?

    I like entering drawings, raffles, contests. At a local home and garden show i entered the drawing at Home Depot booth and won a self propelled lawn mower. Everyonce and a while buy a lottery ticket, dont win much there.

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    I won $100 on a $5 scratch off. I bought a new monitor with it, does this count?

    ed shank

    You did win, right?

    Me no. My wife YES. She should quit her job and play blackjack for a living. She wins like crazy. Not a week goes by where she doesn't win something on a scratch off also. At least she shares.  


    With YOU? haha
    ed shank

    The question said LATELY. I won the lottery in 1983. As soon as the tax people got done punishing me for my good fortune. I boogied down to the Chevy dealer with what was left and bought a new Corvette. Man was my wife pissed.

    My husband won a basket of goodies last Mother's day.  It was fantastic... nail polish, gift certificates, toys, shampoo, a cd case, a slinky, model airplanes, things I have no idea what they are... insane.   It was a basket that was donated by the merchants of downtown.  It was fun.  I still have a gift certificate for a haircut.

    ed shank

    I could have used that certificate. I got a haircut this morning and it cost me 20 bucks.

    I havent won anything in a long time.Glad to hear u won a lawn mower.Have a Wonderful Day!!

    Well the only thing I can think off? "My wife's Hand.Her parents They started to sing It was Gaelic ! I don't speak it ,but found out later the "Title was We have found a "MUG" Silly me jumping about singing with "Joy. Her Father said you have got yourself a "Winner there! "Smiled saying in Gaelic !   "LOSER" they ask me to "Sing at the "Wedding Reception I Did the Title was called  "BORN FREE!

    I usually don’t cary cash but i felt a crumpled dollar in my pocket as I neared a lottery machine. So I uncrumpled the dollar bill and looked at the lottery machine, it showed a $19 credit on the machine. Someone had put a 20 in got a ticket for a dollar and left the $19 credit on the machine. So I put my uncrumpled  dollar in and the credit showed $20. These machines don’t give change. So I bought $20 in lottery tickets and a few days later checked to see if I had won anything. Nothing nothing came back. Maybe it was for the best since I would have felt beholden to whoever had put the twenty in and wondered how I could ever know.  


    I think I,m lucky to have lost.
    ed shank

    Your not thinking positive Robert. Time for a nap maybe?

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