When was your last ROAD TRIP!... and where did you go?

    My last road trip was to celebrate a 75th. birthday.  It was high adventure.  We saw a Black Bear... not one Moose this time... Our son ate a coffee bean (which is a story all on it's own).  My husband made a wrong turn and almost had to sing Karaoke for directions.  We bought local art in one of our favorite shops and spent a lot of time with close friends and family.  Magic!

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    Our last road trip was to Stowe, Vermont for an antique car show. We have been attending this event for 25 years now and meet friends there and spend the enitre extended weekend at breakfast, lunch and dinner together. While there we went to an old fashioned Sock-Hop in town and had the time of our lives dancing in the street. Fun, sun and cars, it's all good.


    This sounds like a lot of fun!

    It is lots of fun! Look forward to it always. Thanks Fishy

    That sounds delightful,

    I road with a friend to see James' mom in New Braunfels,  big deal...

    ed shank

    Such enthusiasm.

    Went to my nephews  wedding out in the Berkshires ..western mass.

    The beer store, yesterday. Cape Coral, Fla. to visit the kids. Stopped in N.C. to spend time with the grand kids, and my little angel, my great grand daughter.

    Went to Pismo Beach area a couple of months ago to look at a "vacation home". My oldest, dearest friend went with me. We stopped at a winery, a brewery, a bakery. a yard sale, a roadside fruit stand. Barely had time for the house hunting.  Ridiculous prices for holes in the wall, but any time I see the Pacific Ocean is a good day for me. 

    To Carshaton ponds th get some fish and chips,

    The white Mountains in NH. in December. It was a beautiful day and no snow, like it normaly is at that time of the year.

    Wow..I've gotta get out more-lol...hmmm where should I go? Who should I visit?


    Why, me of course!

    I am so ready!!!! Please Pray that net Wed. the Judge can convince my spouse to agree on a settlement otherwise we will end up in court!!

    6 weeks in Europe,,in 2013,it was a great holiday and it had its ups and downs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    Did you visit England,Terry??

    Ups and downs make the vacation an Adventure!
    terryfossil 1

    Hi Hector,no mate ,have not done England yet..they sent us to Aussie,dont know if they want us coming back..strangely enough i do not have an affiliation to England,even though i believe strongly in heritage,i also have Irish heritage,and i lean that way,,maybe we got one more trip left in us,we will see,always nice talking Hec,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    My dad was Irish Terry,from a place called Wexford,

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