valR just went over the mountain! congratulations!

    Boo Ya!  Woot!

    You are a Hoot!


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    Way to go! Way to go!
    Our valR is in the know!
    You speak Romanian... that is soooo cool.
    You answer questions, you are no fool!
    We love you valR!
    ... Man I sang that one well.

    You are adorable... I love you back XOXOXOXOX

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    I really miss our karma tracker!!!!

    100% on mark! Wow!!! Does this make me perfect? :-) Colleen, thanks! I love my (probably last in my life) new Diploma.

    Average approx 910 Karma a day valR.

    Good stuff, good answers, good humour.

    Well done mate.

    Saw it coming.



    Good stats. You will be in charge from now on. Thanks! :-)

    :) How do you feel Romos? So glad you got to go home!

    ValR....100k....Congratulations and thumbs up to you!!!!   Good job.       :)

    OMG! I am the first one to see this !
    COOL BEANS, valR.  I know this is a goal you have been working towards and you have earned those karma points!

    COOL COOL BEANS!  (The second 100k will come much quicker, I'm told). 


    I think it's because there are more of us TUing at the moment. We have thumbs to spare!

    Bob- don't know if you ever noticed but I used to use the 'cool beans a lot. bBut it seems like your "phrase"' which is coolll because whenever people glance at answers they know it is yours when they see those two words& they know hat that's a MUST READ Q or A because you always have great Q's and As!!! So Salute to a truly cool bean & a groovy one at that- Ms. BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WE re AWESOME!!!!!!!! and I like you using the cool beans!!!

    :D Go Doolittle!!!

    YAY!!! Congrats to you....well done, keep on keepin' on,valR....

    @ValR, I too saw this coming and am waiting 200K with baited breath.  You are good people, so glad you are here....................

    YIPPY BOO YA..great job vaiR, you got the flair lets keep it here so don't be ..square..yes we care now you there !!

    Just joined the royal court. Congratulation

    Good Going vaIR! Keep collecting

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPY and HURRAY I really hope you are her to STAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Sore but happy.

    ROMOS, what happen to your face?
    "Sore but happy" is this for me?
    I'm no sore yet always happy!

    I did not know the cool beans was your catch phrase, doo. :( The reason I used it was because it was something my son texted me one day, and I only use it for the karma points. I hope you will use it whenever you feel like it. We neither have a patent.
    I don't know about "must reads" :D but thank you for saying that. I always read your q/a and get a boost in my attitude. You're awesome

    Excellent ValR.

    You are the ones that elevated me here!""""""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Victory for Val R.... How is the view from there??? 

    Congratulations, Val. Great job!

    ""Good on you valR

    Hang in there valR. Hoorah!

    Well done valR.

    Congratulations for making all the way to top rung during March Madness, and your ability to tame a few lions here, valR!



    What a cool photo.

    I really apreciate this coming from you Hiangmai. Did you know that according to Asian/Chinese horoscope I am a Tiger? I am.

    I just knew nobody else would notice the animal's a tiger but you. :)

    100K, Fantastic Val, Congratulations.

    Congratulations valR!

    Have no fear Vair! is here!!! we will be here to cheer! congratulation ! excellent 100k club


    Rah! Rah! Rah!

    Don't forget to come back now, Val R. The way back may be a bit touther.....but not with myself,,hip hip  you are a love.

    Hot s***, keep bangin away on that keyboard.

    Awesome, valR!!! Congrats!!! What a accomplishment! :D

    Congratulations valR! You are amongst good company.

    Awesome valR awesome!

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