To all akaQA female members My best wishes to all of you on this March 8th Women International day!

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    Thanks valR... It seems to be an international day that has not had a lot of advertising.  I had no idea until this very moment that there was one.  Now you will have me looking for more!

    Congratulations on your 100K.  I knew you would be here in no time flat!

    Thankyou valR but i have never heard of  womens international day, i don't think us Aussies have it here.Thanks anyway.


    I looked it up on Google and australia issued a commerative coin for it in 2011 celebrating 100 years. FYI

    Its your day too, super.


    @west-bus: You, I and others have mistakenly assumed valR was female.

    Good eye Flip. I am wondering why? :-)

    I only just read that it was today on FB, just a comment. Never heard of it before................

    Really escaped my attention . ^Thank you though.

    Thanks vaIR I hadn't heard of this day either and its been around quite a while. So do all the women get to celebrate?

    A well deserved day for the "Fairer" sex!

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