Would you rather vacation in a city or on a beach?

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    I live on one of the vacation destinations of Canada so I'm always on vacation here on the Island so BEACH!!!


    East or west?

    West Coast Baby!!!!

    Do you live on Vancouver Island?

    Ya baby...west is best!!!

    I live in the Valley... I have family on the Island. West is Best!

    I live at the beach so I'm always in holiday mode. You can keep cities.

    The beach is no.1 at anytime for me, i love the crisp fresh smell of the sea.


    I agree!

    I live 1 mile from the beech. It wins over the city every time


    Beach anytime.

    Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world...the beach..

    a beach, of course, b/c I've alway lived in an area that's close to the airport, factories, and heavy  big truck and car  traffic and freight trains that stop on a crossing and sit there for an hour or two while they load up the cars with automobiles down at the Ford plant. There's plenty of crime and diversity here too.The streets and parking lots here are dirty .


    New Orleans but the beach is not far.


    Love New Orleans,and beach, but have not been there since the big flood. That brought tears to my eyes.; thinking of how it used to be.

    I am happy going any where at all.  I am happy seeing and doing things... change of pace and space!

    Well it depends where Doo travels to,  To relax and have fun I go to the beach or ho n a boat.  If I am visiting a new area I like to explore the city and take day trips to the country side attractions and if time is allowed find a beach, lake, river (etc) to chill for a bit.

    I live on the water, so for me it's visiting a new city.

    Beach. Our family owns a cottage on the beach in Westbrook, CT.


    How much fun that must be for you, witchway! Very cool.

    that sounds wonderful.

    I live in the city, I want to go to the beach................!!!!!

    While it is a 3 hour drive to the ocean, as soon as I see that water, even a peek through the mountains, the "stuff" I carry with me just gets lighter.
    HOWEVER, a trip to NYC, Paris, London, Montreal......there's a lot to be said for time in a city too. 


    Paris... Le' Sigh.
    Quebec City is much nicer than Montreal. You should treat yourself... it is wonderful.
    ed shank

    Fishy, so right. Hotel Frontenac (not sure of spelling)is as close to being treated like royalty as your going to get. The food, people, atmosphere of the city is incredible.

    OK! You've both convinced me. Sign me up!

    life is a Beach!


    Yes, quite often.

    The beaches are 20 minutes away from home we go often January through December so when we vacation away from home we seek cities, mountains, history, sites, cultures, etc.

    I spent most of my young age in the city like Toronto & Montreal , Than when got older start working in mine of Northern Ont , Build my house in a country about 10 min walk near the river so it like being on holidays by the beach, I don't think you could keep me out of the water in my younger days I'd just love swimming ,couldn't get enough of it , my choice is the beach as long there is no shark in the area.I think me and Fishlet would get along just well, of course I'd haft too take a few music lesson especially on the C note, according KOTF.


    Sharks just look menacing...a well fed shark is as cuddly as a puppy dog!

    Sounds like a solid plan facebook! You are right about grumpy old KOTF and that middle C... far too picky.
    ... and I think Doo can teach us how to communicate with the sharks so it's all good!

    on a beach for sure. I like the mountains the best.

    " Malibu,CA. "



    your home?

    Wow, a bunch of beachy humans! Me, my favorite is a city on the beach, like Santa Monica, CA or Daytona, FL.

    ed shank

    Daytona is nuts. I love it there.

    i  life in village about 3000people,if i visit the city   i like to  sit outside,have a cake and coffe,watch people,look how they dress,on vacation i love to visit the garderseein italy,if a want to see the beach i fly to tuerky for a week, so i like both

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