Is the only thing we can all agree on and get along with is birthdays and karma celebrations ?

    Don't get me wrong , but let's act like a family even though were not all kissing cousins... 

    I know we all got differant opinions about , life love and happiness but let's stop the in house bickering.. starting with me.

    The only agenda i'm pushing here is that of solidarity..

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    Everyone is different. Some try to push the envelope here. This upsets others. It takes everyone, not just some. I made that video to try and promote this idea. Everyone loved the video and it was good for the moment. People will be who they are.
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    daren1: Perhaps it was a dumb question i asked i know were all different here , with various views , but i feel a bond here , but at the end of the day (if ever) i feel as though we all could agree to disagree.. dispite our in differances.. Edit this comment Delete comment
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    Colleen: Agree to disagree sounds good if possible. As a moderator, there are times when I can not do that, especially when one is pushing an agenda and making others uncomfortable. I'll have to stay on the sideline with this one. ;) Edit this comment Delete comment
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    daren1 understood... Edit this comment Delete comment
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    I am game but I have noticed that some people enjoy stirring the calm water.  For them, it's fun.  For me, it is not.

    I have also noticed that there are a few people who complain about a certain moderator when ever the opportunity arrises.  This is also a water stirring activity... not good at all.  I, for one would not enjoy the job of moderator... it is long hours without pay.

    Other than these two small items... I am on board.


    I am so proud of you!!! I will send the test immediately!! Do you have a zoo nearby? Hippos are very gentle and will speak to you on your level-101. If not Ill send recordings and you can tell me what theyve said. Someday we will be able to go to Africa and speak to all of the animals!!!!

    What ever it takes.................

    Everyone in my family bickers! So it is here. I don't think it gets out of hand .Some one is gonna gripe about everything or anything! Hey its a forum give an opinion and take in stride someones OTHER opinion. (CAN BE HARD TO DO) We can't huggy bear kissy face all of the time.


    xoxoxoxo (huggy bear and kissy face)

    : )


    We can be rainbows and sunshine! Smiley faces and butterflies... I am very good at hearts and dragonflies!

    I think it be boring if we couldn't pick at each other, beside we don't always have the best answers and learn from one another as painful that may be!!


    I don't know what you are talking about... It is cyber hug world all around. Especially for you!

    Love You! Fishlet Thank you!

    Nobody noticed my "evolution"? :-)


    Yes Dear Val- You are evolving!!!! AND the ANimals are happy!!!!

    I have. Like a beautiful tree spreading it's limbs for the world to see... the birds (And wasps) to build nests in, on and around. Providing shade for little pasty white people such as myself that only turn various shades of pink in the sun. You are glorious OH GREAT TREE!
    Although, I do have to say... those darned leaves are getting on my nerves already. I rake and rake and rake again.. then rake some more. :)

    Yes, you have mellowed, but you still maintain your identity and speak your mind. Doing so with tact is the big difference. Kudos.

    Thank you all :-)

    To avoid an attach,  'raise the draw bridge'

    Don't respond .  If the issue is political, religious, sex, so?  If the heat gets to be too much just shut it off, quit talking. 

    Personal insults towards me are amusing, flattering, and I usually enjoy them.  If it gets to me I'll take a day or 2 off to recoup then I'm back, no big deal.  Sometimes I get had.  You got Me!  Can't always win!

    My feelings are  we DO have solidarity.   Now and then someone's gonna get pissed, so what.  Kiss and makeup, like family.   Or growup, get over it and give your neighbor some space to do or say something dumb.   Like,     I got a cell phone that is really really old.   Its so old that when I called my wife I got my EXwife.   Had to put a nickle in the slot to talk. 



    I like the cell phone joke! But I am easily amused :)

    I always thought you might be easy, Doo !

    Ok then NO Political, Religious, or Questions about Sex...and no answers that have political, religious, or sexual content...that would stop much of the bickering.  And no teasing, even if both parties Know its in fun...... Daren- I get sick of the bickering and occasionally responses are IN YOUR FACE mean and unnecessary.  I simply dont respond/ answer their questions because they are not nice.  And, until recently, I avoided political Qs...I am not disagreeing with you at all- just pointing out that alot would have to change!!!!  There is still some control we all have- not giving a TU, not responding to Qs, or pointing out to someone they are way out of line.  When I need Peace and a good laugh I only answer (or ask) fun Q's that will have funny Answers.  Please don't leave!  Avid the jerks and stick with the nice ones!!!


    This is solid policy. I have finished the first booklet for hippo linguistics 101. Can you send the test and grade it please.
    Peace Out!

    Oh, so exciting. We have a zoo but no exotics in these parts... politically incorrect. Please send tapes. I am up for the African adventure... Yes!

    daren1, I appreciate the thought, but don't see it happening.  I've been told this is not a family, it is a community.   In a community, I don't  have to travel to a neighborhood I don't want to visit, nor do I have to interact with people I would prefer to not know.  
    Here is the same.  I can name 4 people right off who have been deliberately unkind, rude, derogatory, or disparaging to me.  I don't acknowledge them and stay away from their stuff. They stay away from mine.  I got the message; not sure what I did or said to earn their disdain, but I don't need to put myself in a place to be subjected to it. 
    Diversity is part of what makes this place interesting. Patting each other on the back for a birthday or "grand" accomplishment is how we show the love. We don't have to be nasty to each other, but we don't have to sugarcoat everything, either.  
    Maybe this place should be called akaQAO  (opinions).   :D
    You are always Cool Beans.  


    Your right Bobby is is a community more so than a family,,

    This is what happens when a help page gets turned into a discussion forum.  Yahoo answers allows for no interaction between the members and Yahoo answers is based on the same idea as akaQA, it is meant to be a place where people can ask a question and get an answer, that's it. I suppose you should be happy we can interact with each other here, good or bad. 

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