i would like to speak to a moron who works for hotmail to unblock my account as there is no "contact us" prompt on their pathetic software

    they blocked my email and referred me to another account which is also blocked to unblock it i know americans are the the thickest people in the world but even this takes the biscuit

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    Well scaramouche, do you feel like a world class moron now?                                                                                                               

    Sorry no morons here.............

    Well my friend you are on a roll. Just firing off suppository remarks  aimed at people who have not a single thing to do with hot mail . Congratulations now that you have offended all the Americans here for nothing ,I still have some good news for you .There are some Aussies here who may be willing to help ,unless you have some back handed things to say about them . Read the reviews on hot mail the whole world is pissed at them . By the way the guy who founded hot mail the grand puba of that mess is from India . Now as to being thick  I resemble that and take defence at your  foreign flavoured insults . Kindly take your biscuit and shove where the sun dont shine . By the way Hot Mail is a intelligence test you did not pass no wonder you are blocked .  Regards from AMERICA by an AMERICAN .                     Bluesman

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